The Villain Virus: 4 (NERDS)

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Nov 19, Eric H rated it really liked it. Dec 16, Kyle Stallings rated it really liked it. Instead of coughing and sneezing, the victims of this dangerous virus are transformed into superintelligent criminal masterminds. Jul 24, Catherine rated it really liked it Shelves: , middle-grades.

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As if that wasn't bad enough, their new principal reminds me more than a little of Dolores Umbridge. Throw in a virus that turns the infected into supervillains and you have another action-packed, hilarious addition to the series. Jul 03, Melissa rated it really liked it Shelves: on-goodreads. This is a great series for middle grade boys! Each book focuses on a different member of the "team" and in this one, several past villains come back and there is an interesting twist at the end.

Jan 31, Reid Gueldenzoph rated it it was amazing. In fact, everyone has at least one awkward sport in there life. In this book Flinch ends up getting to take charge of the team. This is a very big thing because Flinch is hyperactive, and although he has a harness that helps him channel his hyperactivity to super strength and or speed, he still has problems thinking and focusing under pressure. Throughout the book Flinch continues to get put in charge of the team when they have to stop someone whom is Infected with a virus that makes them try to conquer or destroy those who are around them.

Will Flinch stand a chance against the pressure, and save the day, or will Earth fall to The Villain Virus?!

Read to find out! Sep 06, Lizzy F rated it it was amazing. It was really cool that a team of superhero kids were able to save the world every day. This book kept my interest because every chapter left you on a cliff hanger. For example on chapter Ruby was fighting a bad guy and the chapter ended with her getting knocked out. As you can see I wanted to keep reading so I would know if she got killed or not.

Another example is that Flinch was injected into Heathcliff when he had the villain virus and the chapter ends with Ms. Information and the Antagonist go into Heathcliff to and try to stop Flinch however Flinch beat them and makes it out alive. However it end the chapter halfway through the fight so it makes you want to keep reading.

Mar 07, Jesselagimodiere rated it really liked it. The book is about a group of friends that save people from evils villains and in this one there is a night guard that has to watch a beast. It could destroy the universe and it is in a deep sleep and the guard has to be quiet or the beast will wake up and destroy every thing and then it will take years to make it go to sleep again I recommend this book to who ever likes super heroes.

I rate this book a 4. Dec 10, retrieverfever rated it really liked it. If you feel hot and sweaty and get mad at everything, you have the villan virus you are super smart and you build doomsday devices. Flinch is the only person who is immune to it.

Read my other reviews. Aug 30, Stephen rated it really liked it. While the daughter and I enjoyed the book as much as the previous volumes I'm docking it one star because I hated the fact that the author tried to make certain aspects of bullying into a noble art. Luckily that doesn't go much beyond this particular entry in the series. Apr 12, Paris rated it it was amazing. Is this a real test to take at school. Review by G. Feb 24, Samantha Sanchez rated it really liked it.

I don't have enough words to describe how much I love this series, because I'm way older than I was when I read the first books but now that I read this one I still love it. Sep 25, M. The NERDS were 5th graders who live secret lives saving the world, occasionally disappearing to a secret lab beneath the elementary school. And where their natural abilities were enhanced by the addition of nanobytes into their bloodstreams, giving them super powers. Now they're 6th graders trying desperately to save the world, but their new middle school teachers and principal don't understand the kids' need to disappear suddenly and see the juvenile delinquency looming.

In the meantime a vic The NERDS were 5th graders who live secret lives saving the world, occasionally disappearing to a secret lab beneath the elementary school. In the meantime a vicious virus is infecting nearly everyone in the whole world, causing them to turn into villains as they invent and use all sorts of crazy weapons to destroy practically everything around them.

The Villain Virus (NERDS, #4) by Michael Buckley

Different team members are featured in each book of the series. In this one Flinch is the leader of the team. Flinch's body has been enhanced so that his sweet tooth fuels super speed and power, but he hasn't quite yet figured out how to use his gifts--while the sugar gives him powers, it also tends to confuse his mind. Nonetheless, he's the team leader and he leads. Pretty much nonstop action, crazy situations, and lots of drawings rush the story along.

Good for about 4th grade and up, kids who like action and thinking outside the box. Aug 16, Moonie rated it really liked it Shelves: own , favorites. An excellent novel, and the best in the series so far! Amazon shipped me this early, for some reason or another, and I consumed the book in an hour. The plot is a lot less silly than it seems, and certain elements that worried me in the summary didn't even show up until the last 50 pages, so The pacing is strange and very fast maybe to reflect the mentality of our protagonist?

Unfortunately, this means a lack of focus on Jackson and Duncan The complete lack of the Hyena, however? Thaaat's a little harsh, especially when she featured so little in previous books. The art was top notch, and probably had my favorite set of drawings thus far. I loved the details put into the background- unique faces for each kid at school. Lastly, the twists in this books are excellent, and a fantastic set up for the last book. I'll be eagerly awaiting it.

Sep 14, Brett rated it really liked it Shelves: juvenile-fantasy. Jan 12, Diane rated it really liked it Shelves: humor , adventure , read-in But is he having an effect on the team members? Then their intelligence increases dramatically along with their paranoia and anger. When Wheezy blows a mission, Agent Brand begins to investigate what is behind.

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How will the NERDs be able to fight this without being infected themselves? Apr 22, Casey rated it really liked it. Usually my best reviews are for books that I have low expectations for and then blow me out of the water. So this is the 4th in a series about nerdy kids that have super powers, the first three are ok, I love underdog stories and the humor is awesome too. But I absolutely loved this one, taking a character no one really cares about almost always taking the backseat in the adventures and then making that character the main character and have to stand out.

I love it.

NERDS: The Villain Virus (Book Four)

And then the ending just throws you threw a loop. Learn how to enable JavaScript on your browser. Kids' Club Eligible. NOOK Book. The excitement of international espionage combined with the awkwardness of elementary makes for non-stop laughs in NERDS, the hilarious series from New York Times bestselling author Michael Buckley! A former NERDS team member named Gerdie code name Mathlete has invented a powerful device that she's using to loot alternate realities.

Her goal? Plastic surgery and a spot on a competitive cheerleading squad. Gerdie's device is causing rips in the fabric of the universe. With her new face, no one can find her.

The Villain Virus (NERDS Series #4)

It's up to Matilda "Wheezer" Choi to infiltrate the cheerleading squad and root out the villain. But can she give up punches and pro wrestling for claps and cartwheels? He lives in Brooklyn with his wife, Alison, and their son, Finn. Visit teamnerds. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Kids' Books.

Nerds : Book Four: The Villain Virus

Read an excerpt of this book! Flinch will have to miniaturize himself and take a fantastic voyage through the supervillain's body to fight white blood cells, stomach acid, and a nest of nasty nanobytes in the hope that he can save the world from. Genre: Young Adult Fiction. Please email webmaster fantasticfiction.

The Villain Virus: 4 (NERDS) The Villain Virus: 4 (NERDS)
The Villain Virus: 4 (NERDS) The Villain Virus: 4 (NERDS)
The Villain Virus: 4 (NERDS) The Villain Virus: 4 (NERDS)
The Villain Virus: 4 (NERDS) The Villain Virus: 4 (NERDS)
The Villain Virus: 4 (NERDS) The Villain Virus: 4 (NERDS)
The Villain Virus: 4 (NERDS) The Villain Virus: 4 (NERDS)
The Villain Virus: 4 (NERDS) The Villain Virus: 4 (NERDS)

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