The Studio Directory Volume 2

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You always have the choice to adjust your interest settings or unsubscribe. Discover More. Get the latest stories and announcements from Spotify in your inbox. The Android system knows at runtime which ABI s it supports, because build-specific system properties indicate:.

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This mechanism ensures that the system extracts the best machine code from the package at installation time. For best performance, you should compile directly for the primary ABI. By contrast, a typical, ARMv7-based device would define the primary ABI as armeabi-v7a and the secondary one as armeabi , since it can run application native binaries generated for each of them.

Using armv8a devices as an example, the device can also run armeabi and armeabi-v7a code.

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Note, however, that you application will perform much better on bit devices if it targets armv8a rather than relying on the device running the armeabi-v7a version of your application. Many xbased devices can also run armeabi-v7a and armeabi NDK binaries.

Android ABIs

For such devices, the primary ABI would be x86 , and the second one, armeabi-v7a. You can force install an apk for a specific ABI. This is useful for testing.

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When installing an application, the package manager service scans the APK, and looks for any shared libraries of the form:. If none is found, and you have defined a secondary ABI, the service scans for shared libraries of the form:. The following snippets retrieve the nativeLibraryDir :. If there is no shared-object file at all, the application builds and installs, but crashes at runtime.

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Content and code samples on this page are subject to the licenses described in the Content License. Home Guides Reference Samples Downloads. Architectures and CPUs. Debugging and Profiling. High-Performance Audio.

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OpenSL ES. Machine Learning. In addition to interviews with and profiles of influential directors, a wide array of color illustrations and a range of suggested research resources round out the Directory of World Cinema: American Independent 2. At a time when independent films are enjoying considerable cultural cachet, this easy-to-use yet authoritative guide will find an eager audience among media historians, film studies scholars, and movie buffs alike.

I finished reading the book feeling as if I had acquired a whole new base of knowledge regarding both the political climate in Argentina and the major social trends of recent decades, yet never once did the book feel pedantic or pretentious. There is a star study of Ricardo Darin, the popular actor who is in many Argentinean releases, including the excellent The Secret in Their Eyes.

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The Studio Directory Volume 2
The Studio Directory Volume 2
The Studio Directory Volume 2
The Studio Directory Volume 2
The Studio Directory Volume 2
The Studio Directory Volume 2

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