Silencing Satan: 13 Studies for Individuals and Groups: Handbook of Biblical Demonology

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Demons in Judaism

Mysteriously, the demon can sometimes invade the psyche of a human being, taking the control of his or or her body and his or her intentions. The phenomenon lasts until he or she is not annulled by the exorcism, or for established periods previously. In this degree of possession the demon is latent; he or she limits him to alter the attitudes of the possessed one. By his or her reactions to the sacred, it instills in them feelings of desperation and depression.

Possession of the second degree:. At this degree changes of voice manifest in the possessed, also preternatural phenomenon such as glossolalia, levitation and pirocinesi power to set on fire distance objects may occur. Holy water also can produce sores on the body of the possessed. Possession of the third degree:. To this degree the malignant spirit or spirits have taken such dominion over the person as to even alter horribly his or her somatic lines relating to bodily changes his or her odor, and temperature. This is the most arduous case, and it usually requires numerous exorcisms for the definitive liberation.

In effect, the difference among the last three gradations is only a fine line; the range between one degree to the other is without imperceptible change. Phantasm Psychic Research. Labels: Bible , christian demonology , demonic acitivity , diabolic , exorcism , infestation , oppression , possession , types. The "New" Rite of Exorcism. Certain reformations have been made over the last few hundred years to the ritual itself, the last being made in But not until the 's was a commission of Vatican theologians and liturgists put together to come up with a new manual of exorcism.

A new page set of instructions, De Exorcismus et Supplicantionibus Quibustam. It was presented in October of In the eyes of the Vatican this replaces the old procedures established in by Pope Paul V. De Exorcismus et supplicationibus quibusdam. Below are a few articles that were released during the issuing of the new rite. Catholic World News — January That unpopular reality is brought into sharp focus by the promulgation of a new rite of exorcism for the Catholic Church.

The document sets out a new and precise liturgical form for the rite of exorcism. The page form, introduced by the Congregation Divine Worship, was published entirely in Latin; the episcopal conferences of different nations may now prepare their own versions in the vernacular languages. This new Vatican document clearly recognizes both the existence of the Devil and the reality of diabolical possession. In a short introduction, the document calls attention to the existence of both "angelic creatures" and others "called demons, who are opposed to God.

The new rite confirms "the victory of Christ and the power of the Church over the demons. The latter are designed to "drive out demons, or bring freedom from demonic influence, through the spiritual authority which Jesus confided in his Church. The liturgical ritual itself is centered on supplicatory prayers, asking for God's help, and "imperative" prayers addressed directly to the Devil, commanding him to depart. The prayers are to be said as the exorcist lays his hand on the individual, and are part of an overall ritual which includes specific blessings and sprinklings with holy water.

The ritual also includes the litany of the saints, the reading of the Psalms and the Gospel, and a proclamation of faith which may be either the familiar Creed or a simple question-and-answer "Do you renounce Satan? The ritual concludes with the kissing of the Cross, and the final prayer, proclaiming the triumph of Christ and his Church.

The new ritual for exorcism replaces one which was promulgated as part of the Roman Ritual of The Second Vatican Council called for the revision of that Ritual, which has been accomplished in stages during the past 30 years; the rite of exorcism was the last of the new rituals to be introduced. In introducing the new document to reporters in Rome, Cardinal Jorge Arturo Medina Estevez, the prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship, said that the rite has not been greatly changed from the earlier ritual. He added that while there are "very few cases" in which the rite is used, the rite of exorcism-- which can only be used under the guidance of the local bishop, and with the consent of the person suffering diabolical possession-- remains necessary because the Devil is a reality.

He cautioned that while many Catholics today no longer profess belief in the Devil, that belief "is not a matter of opinion which one can accept or reject; it is an element of faith and Catholic doctrine. Cardinal Medina began by stating that the person's capacity to welcome God is "blurred by sin, and at times evil occupies the place where God wishes to dwell. For this reason, Jesus Christ came to liberate the person from the dominion of evil and sin Jesus Christ drove out demons and liberated people who were possessed with evil spirits to make space for Him in that person.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church n. According to the rite of exorcism, continued the cardinal prefect, there are various criteria to know if we are dealing with demonic possession: "Speaking with a great number of words from unknown languages, or understanding them, making known things either distant or hidden, showing strength beyond one's situation, together with vehement aversion toward God, our Lady, the cross, and holy pictures. Cardinal Medina said that the Roman Book of Rites contained in the last chapter the indications and liturgical text of the exorcisms, but "it had not been revised since Vatican Council II.

Once the translations of the ritual are completed in different languages, they will be submitted "for the recognition of the [Sacred] Congregation for Divine Worship. In the current book of rites there is "the rite of exorcism itself, and "the prayers which must be publicly recited. In addition, there is a series of prayers which the faithful must pray privately when they believe that they are subject to demonic influences. Catholic doctrine teaches us that demons are fallen angels as a result of their sin, and that they are spiritual beings with great intelligence and power.

The prefect of the congregation, recalling with The Catechism of the Catholic Church that "the power of Satan is not infinite," said however that God's allowing us to be tempted "is a great mystery. In conclusion, he emphasized that "the harmful influence of the Devil and his evil spirits is normally exercised through deception, falsehoods, lies, and confusion. As Jesus is the Truth, the Devil is the liar par excellence. Lies have always been, right from the beginning, his preferred strategy.

In answer to a question, Cardinal Medina explained that "there is great continuity between the old and the new rites, there are no radical changes. The language is more somber and fewer adjectives are used; however, the expression of faith in the power of God to expel the Devil is the same in both cases.

A Closer Look. In the original Latin this defective book scandalously refuses to bless objects, but only persons. The example of Christ our Lord in blessing things e. The official General Introduction to the Book of Blessings informs us: "At times the Church also blesses objects and places connected with human activity or liturgical life, or connected with piety and devotion - but always, however, with a view to the people who use those objects and are engaged in those places" Praenotanda Generalia, This explanation is dishonest, in that it gives only half a reason for blessing things, and because it conceals the fact that the book of blessings, with a few exceptions, systematically refuses to bless things.

It is a book of non-blessings. To take but one example, the "blessing" of holy water outside of Mass contains no actual blessing of the water. The closest thing to it is a prayer to God asking for certain effects by the use of this water. The so-called "Prayer of blessing" in Latin and English refrains from using the word "bless" even once, and there is no Sign of the Cross made over the water.

The Devil must have laughed when that "Book of Blessings" was issued. The traditional exorcism of water and salt, and all the other Roman Ritual's traditional prayers against the devil and his influence were almost completely abolished. On three occasions only is a thing blessed. These three exceptions in Latin are for meals, church bells and cemeteries. In the American edition, the same things appear; also chalice and paten found in Latin in the Pontifical ; also two other places in which the alternative rite not in the Latin does bless an object.

The treatment of blessings in the Catechism speaks of blessings of persons, places and things. When the definitive Latin text of the Catechism was issued in , with the paragraph saying that the Church blesses things, a priest friend wrote to Cardinal Ratzinger pointing out that the lex orandi and the lex credendi were at odds, and asked a question: "Can we expect a revision of the Book of Blessings in the light of the definitive text of the Catechism?

But, if it will do good, the reversal has become a necessity. What lies behind this change to the rites of blessings? Clearly, a loss of sense of the power of the priesthood - a desire, even, to overthrow sacerdotal mediation, to reduce the priest from an instrument of Christ, clothed with the authority of Jesus Christ, to a mere prayer, on the same level as that of any lay person.

The retention of the title "Blessings" means nothing: as we know, All Souls' Day is No Souls' Day, even in the original Latin, where the word for soul anima has been suppressed in the prayers of November 2. Let us read that definition again, with emphases added: "When the Church asks publicly and authoritatively in the name of Jesus Christ that a person or object be protected against the power of the Evil One and withdrawn from his dominion, it is called exorcism.

The text says that the Church asks for this person or object to be protected. Asks whom? For protection by whom? Obviously, God. So, according to this, an exorcism is: asking God to free someone from the devil. But, despite what this text implies, an exorcism is not a prayer to God; exorcism is a command issued to the Devil in the name of God. The very word exorcism tells you that - exorcizo, I adjure.

To adjure, as the Oxford Dictionary defines it, is to charge or entreat someone solemnly, as if under oath, or under the penalty of a curse. No one can adjure God, but a minister of God can adjure a demon. The Ritual for Exorcism of which until January was the only officially published text for Latin rite exorcists does contain prefatory prayers to God to ask that a person be delivered - but then under the subheading of "Exorcism" itself, the exorcist orders the demon to depart. The new ritual scandalously gives the priest a choice of two forms of exorcism, which it calls "deprecatory" and "imperative.

The imperative formula is a real exorcism, but the deprecatory form is not an exorcism at all. A prayer is a request to God; an exorcism is a command to a demon. The so-called "deprecatory exorcism" is simply a petitionary prayer to God. It is not an exorcism. If it is an exorcism, then the final petition of the Lord's Prayer, "deliver us from evil," would also be an exorcism! As with the so-called "exorcism" in the modern Rite of Baptism, simply placing the sub-heading Exorcism does not make what follows an exorcism.

What is extremely worrying is that, according to the new rubrics, the deprecatory form must always be used, but the second form, the imperative, is an optional extra. What lies behind this change? The same denigration of the priesthood described above. It is a true Protestantization: the reduction of the ordained priest to the level of the common priesthood. It is the fruit of embarrassment about the visible priesthood. It is the mentality that is at work when a priest says at the end of Mass: "May Almighty God bless us..

Here is an extract from one of the new deprecatory formulas:. O God, creator and defender of the human race, look upon this Your servant, whom You did make in Your own image and call to share in Your glory.. Once we recognize our enemy and admit that he exists, we can, with the proper weapons and the necessary will, conquer him. God provides both; we have only to use them. Peter also calls on Christians to resist this adversary, the devil.

With this armor it is possible to fight and win over any evil. The weapons are spiritual and the warfare is spiritual, hence the devil could not be literal. The war is against the power of evil, the devil to be resisted. The apostle Peter commands us to arm ourselves with the same mind as that of Christ. If we are thus armed, we will surely be able to resist the devil, for Christ did always the things that pleased His Father John Every sin overcome is the devil resisted.

When we resist the temptations of the lower nature we resist the devil. The apostle Paul revealed the struggle within himself between the two natures Rom. In so doing he was keeping his own command of putting off the old man and putting on the new Eph. He was resisting the devil, the old man. Present-day concepts of the devil or Satan are far removed from the hoofed and horned monster of antiquity and superstition.

But in general they are also as far from the truth. In the early days of our country, the devil was as real to churchgoers as the fires of hell. In fact, the devil supposedly tended those fires! To some, he is a super-intelligent spirit-being directing all the affairs of men. To others, he is a personality, a power, with a host of demons under his control, ruling the kingdom of evil. Still others claim he is more than a personality. We will review some of the most commonly accepted concepts, comparing them with the truth of the Scriptures. Although the devil may not be mentioned in sermons today, he is still to be found in the creeds of most churches.

His form has changed from that of a monster to that of a sly spirit creature that moves unseen throughout the world, directing his forces in a bitter struggle against the power of God. The Adventist concept of the devil or Satan differs somewhat from that of major Protestant churches. Adventist literature describes Satan, his origin and his work in great detail.

We will study only the major parts of the doctrine, comparing it with Scripture. In the book, God Speaks to Modern Man, we find the origin of the devil explained. Lucifer was created…Where was Lucifer created? That Lucifer was created in heaven and that heaven was his abode are beyond all reasonable question. Lucifer is seen in the presence of the great Creator and His Christ, and the ceaseless beams of undimmed glory play upon his elegant form.

The Adventist explanation of the origin of the devil reads more like an imaginative storybook. Who was Lucifer? The Bible narrative concerning him is explicit. He was a man, the king of Babylon. The outcome was certain from the beginning: Satan was to be cast out of heaven to make his abode on the earth. They sought to take over heaven by force, and they left heaven by force.

Christ and His angels cast them out. The idea of war or any kind of turmoil in heaven where God dwells defies reason. That angels should rebel and fall from their high estate is likewise ridiculous. From Luke we learn that angels cannot die. Certainly God would not grant eternal life to any who would later rise up against His divine authority and desecrate His heavenly abode. Nor does the Bible give any proof that Lucifer or the prince of Tyrus ever were in heaven. The language is simply descriptive of their earthly destinies. The king of Babylon was brought low because he exalted himself.

The prince of Tyrus also was a man. They had failed to keep their vow and were to be cast out. Satan claimed this dominion when he showed Christ the kingdoms of this world Luke Three and a half years later He [Christ] died on Calvary to purchase the dominion with His precious blood. From the time of Adam and Eve until now, Satan has carried out his work in the earth through deception.

The above quotations are only a brief portion of the Adventist discussion of the subject with which we are concerned, but they contain their basic doctrine. The whole is based on the false premise that a literal devil existed since the time of creation and is still at work deceiving men and women in the earth. It also assumes the doctrines of original sin and the vicarious atonement of Christ to be true.

Who was the serpent that tempted Eve? The devil, Satan, and the serpent are one and the same Rev. The serpent is the personification of sin just as the devil and Satan are. The serpent that tempted Eve was her own natural mind which rebelled against the higher law of God, thus leading her to disobey. The devil or serpent that tempted Eve is still at work in the world today, but it is not a literal person, only sin and all sinners.

From The Catholic Encyclopedia for School and Home, it appears that the Catholic doctrine varies but little from others. The origin of the devil is described as follows:. They are the devils, and their leader is called the devil. He is also known as Satan, adversary, Lucifer light-bearer, signifying his great intelligence and Beelzebub or demon…. The nature of sin committed by the fallen angels is a matter of theological speculation. Influenced by an increased speculation in Jewish circles on the subject of evil spirits, the New Testament explicitly calls the Archfiend, the devil, by the personal name of Satan.

There is no suggestion in the Old Testament of two independent forces, one good and the other evil. On the contrary, it is always made clear that Satan is subject to God and that he cannot harm men who resist him. Like the doctrines already reviewed, the Catholic doctrine, given here only in part, is based on error from the beginning. This is a point of truth.

Old Testament usage confirms the fact that there was no belief in a. The Bible explicitly condemns belief in spirits or wizardry. This is not recognized as part of the Bible and is not acceptable as evidence. The serpent in the garden is sin personified. This is contradictory. God would not create a being for the purpose of tempting men. This is the Word of God; we cannot believe otherwise. Men can, if they desire, resist the evil impulse, but unfortunately, the majority do not.

The Witnesses differ from most other denominations in that they recognize Lucifer for what he was: The King of Babylon. However, they present a fanciful tale as to the origin of Satan and a whole army of demons which they believe he commands. Where did these demons come from? He would not create spirit creatures in opposition to Him and whom He would cast out of His heavenly organization…. Their defectiveness is of their own making. It must have been some superhuman invisible intelligent creature that made the serpent talk.

This angelic son had now turned traitor to his own heavenly Father. He not only rebelled against God his Father, but he also began teaching others to rebel against God. By rebelling against God, this son of God made himself Satan…. Thus this spirit son of God became a self-made Satan or Adversary of the Sovereign of heaven and earth…. The spirit son of God, now Satan, used a lie to deceive Eve.

In this way he became the one whom the Holy Bible calls Satan the Devil…. He is very powerful in the invisible spiritual realm, particularly with reference to our earth and its atmosphere. Watchtower and Tract Society, This is but a small portion of the doctrine contained in the publications of this well-known organization, but it is sufficient to show the gross error it contains.

As before stated, God condemns all such beliefs; they are an abomination to Him. This subject has also been covered in previous lessons. There was no literal serpent in the garden and no devil telling it what to say. This, too, has been covered in other concepts. If God would have peace in His churches, certainly He would have nothing but peace in heaven! All men of the world breathe the same atmosphere-yet we have the good and the bad. Whether a man does good or evil is his own responsibility, not the responsibility of the air he breathes or of a devil.

It is a matter of self-control. The good and the evil are ever present. It is up to the man to make the right choice. To say that this self-made devil or Satan is responsible for all the woes that ever were on the earth is to deny that man has freedom of choice. There is absolutely no Bible evidence for such a statement. The men of the world do wickedly because they choose to do so and not because of a devil or Satan. The concept of the devil and Satan held by most Fundamentalist churches does not differ materially from that of other Protestant denominations.

The belief is covered in detail in the book, Your Adversary the Devil, by J. From it we have gleaned the following summary:. Satan was originally Lucifer. Lucifer was one of these beings, and not content with his position, desired to dethrone God and make himself sovereign of the universe.

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He sought, and was one-third successful in getting the support of other angelic beings. These demons are no more limited by time and space than are angels. Satan does his work through vast hosts of these fallen angels who have been assigned responsibilities under him. We are dealing with personalities that have been assigned by Satan to frustrate and to defeat the will of God for us … they dog your footsteps every moment. It is the mind that Satan wants, for if he can control the mind, he can eventually control the will….

But you will not understand the nature of the warfare in which you are engaged unless you recognize that Satan is warring to control your mind every moment of every day and that his purpose is to deceive you concerning the truth of God. The long dissertation of this subject contained in the book is but conjecture. No Scripture proof is offered for there is none to give. We cannot accept anything we cannot read in the Bible.

The statement that Lucifer was one of these beings is also pure speculation and lacks Biblical support. Lucifer was a king, a man, an earthly being who was dethroned because of his wickedness. This subject has likewise been covered. It needs no further discussion. It is not clear just what is meant by this statement, but there is no personal devil or Satan.

Satan exists only as the evil within the human heart. The description of the warfare within the minds of men comes close to the truth, but it is not brought about by a literal devil. It is the warfare of the lower nature, described by Paul as flesh vs. This is the warfare in the heart or mind of man. There are a great many texts in the Bible which, upon surface reading, would lead one not knowing the truth of the Word to believe that there is a literal devil, an unseen spirit that tempts men and women to do evil. Let us look closely at a few of these.

And it is likewise conceded that the doctrine of Satan as an all-powerful figure responsible for all evil is not found in the Old Testament. The apocryphal books, known to have been written later than the authentic Scriptures, were largely responsible for the development of the idea of Satan as a personality.

Translators of the Old Testament have not been consistent in their renderings. This is a more correct rendering and shows the true meaning of the original word. Yet knowing these facts to be true, supporters of the literal devil or Satan theory go to the book of Job in defense of their position. The narrative concerning Job and Satan is found in the first two chapters of the book of Job.

As mentioned before, Satan is simply an adversary, an opposer to God and in his encounter with Job is nothing more. In this case, Satan, the adversary, is a sort of self-appointed prosecuting attorney against Job. He seeks to find some cause against him in his worship of God. Job was being tested just as Abraham was tested and God simply allowed it. There is nothing to indicate they were angels as believed by some, but they were simply believers, probably a group of pious people who assembled to worship God.

Among them were faithful and unfaithful, an occurrence not uncommon today. Wicked men are the Satan, the adversary in the account. Supporters of the theory of a literal devil go to Isaiah 14 in defense of their position. To them Lucifer verse 12 represents the devil. He had disrupted the earth. He was an invader, a conqueror. He was a warmonger, trying to take away from others and trying to acquire all he could. He had just the opposite philosophy from that of God.

In other words, he had the philosophy of the devil. He represented the devil. God says, How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer. Lucifer means shining one, or shining star of the dawn. God names things or people or beings what they are. He was a light bringer. In other words, one who had great knowledge and truth and light, and who was to give it to those who were placed under him.

He was placed in a certain rule and authority over angels. God changed his name when his character changed. He tried to make himself God. But we find he was cast down to this earth. Armstrong, Did God Create a Devil? Certainly there is no suggestion in Scripture that he was the devil or that he represented the devil. Men have added that interpretation. Hence Lucifer came to be regarded as the name of Satan before his fall.

The King of Babylon, once a bright light in the political heavens, was to fall. A little background to this prophecy may be helpful in understanding who Lucifer, the king of Babylon, was. Isaiah speaks the prophecy as though it were an event that had already happened, but from the record of that period of history we learn that actually it was spoken about years before it came to pass, when Belshazzar, the king of Babylon who was to fall, was not yet born!

Isaiah himself marks the time of his prophecies: during the reigns of Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz and Hezekiah Isa. The exact duration of the reign of these kings is not certain but it was approximately years. It shall never be inhabited, neither shall it be dwelt in from generation to generation: neither shall the Arabian pitch tent there; neither shall the shepherds make their fold there….

Babylon did not reach the height of its glory until the time of Nebuchadnezzar, some or more years after the prophecy was spoken. The prophecy was so accurate as to identify the invaders as the Medes. According to history, the city fell to Cyrus, the ruler of the Medes and Persians, in the fall of the year BC. The decay of the city began immediately and soon the area became a desert. The end of the greatest world city of antiquity had come. The Prophet announces the overthrow of the tyrant as an accomplished fact. The king of Babylon, though not yet born, was to be cast down, his kingdom taken from him, and he was to die the death of a commoner.

The entire chapter points to the same conclusion: There is no one involved but the wicked king. The Lord has broken the staff of the wicked, the scepter of rulers who smote the peoples in wrath with ceaseless blows and trampled down the nations in anger with unrestrained persecution. His subjects were people on the earth whom he ruled with an iron hand.

He had been high in the kingdom, now he was to be cut down, and in death he would be no better than his servants. He was not Satan or a representative of Satan, nor was he ever an angel. The Scriptures do not imply it. He was none other than the king of Babylon. We cannot believe that the king intended to take over the throne of God Almighty literally, but he wanted to exalt himself; he wanted his kingdom to be greater than all others. He, the king of Babylon, would be cut off because of his wickedness, because he oppressed his people and exalted himself. Verse 16 is the key verse to the chapter.

It was a man, the king of Babylon, who had sought to rule kingdoms that were not his, defamed the house of God, oppressed the people; and because of his wickedness he was to be brought low, to death. He might be a TV or movie producer in disguise. Or even perhaps a central banker.

Man was indeed created in the humanoid image of the angelic Elohim. Buckingham, A. Is our destiny already decided by aliens? The idea has been extensively developed in science fiction and comics. Reports and rumours of contact with their occupants has led to a revival of the old belief in the other race, a people who, although having much the same physical existence as ourselves, are unlike us in their nature and origin.

These hosts or angels of heaven and earth Langdon, A. The Nephilim were on the 24 earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God the angels came into the daughters of men, and they bore children to them the Nephilim are the hybrid offspring of angels and humans. These were the mighty men who were of old, the men of renown the heroes of old. It belongs to that part of universal mythology which describes the first contact between men and gods, the institution of human civilization which the meeting produced, and the creation of a hybrid race, a bridge between gods and men.

This theme, the unions between gods and men, is, of course, basic in all mythology. Circa A. There are those John Fleming, A. And the interesting thing is that one myth which occurs over and over again in many parts of the world is that somewhere a long time ago supernatural beings had sexual intercourse with natural women and produced a special breed of people.

Schaeffer, A. Such lineage, literally from the skies, may have originated belief in the divine right of kings. Evans-Wentz, A. Cuthbert] who reportedly according to tradition traveled through the skies in lighted circular flying globes. Essentially, the theory asserts that there are people living among us today who are crossbreeds, half earthling, half extraterrestrial. These people are allegedly loyal to, and controlled by, the ufonauts. They are hybrids.

It will come as a surprise to many ufologists who are now circulating the hybrid rumor that this concept is thousands of years old, and is, in fact, an important part of occult and religious lore. The sexual intervention of supernatural entities is mentioned throughout the Bible in the story of Abraham, for example.

Witches are said to have intercourse with the devil. Gypsies believe that any woman who is seduced by the devil has special powers afterwards and such women are given very special respect. The hybrid concept has a disastrous effect on the ufologists who accept it blindly. They become totally paranoid.

They believe that hybrids have infiltrated the highest government circles; that they are controlling the entire world and for good reason might 1 add as they have been doing so for thousands of years. In the s, Secretary of Defense Robert MacNamara was frequently accused by contactees of being a hybrid. A related aspect is the clone theory.

A clone is an exact duplicate of a living organism. Theoretically, a clone can be produced from a single cell of your body. As most readers know, exact duplicates of several well- known ufologists have been seen by reliable witnesses. In occult lore, such duplicates are called dopplegangers. Keel Perhaps alien infiltrations of various Intelligence agencies explains the true reason for the UFO cover-up — an attempt to suppress the truth concerning their wholly nefarious activities.

It is an effort that has encompassed all 28 of the federal agencies, both at military and civil levels. Investigations have been consistently classified as above top secret, where even the President has no access without demonstrating a need to know The efforts of these federal intelligence agencies have been focused in three primary ways. This includes close monitoring of UFO groups and private investigators. TWO: All efforts are made to suppress this same information and prevent it from becoming public knowledge This includes propaganda efforts directed chiefly through the California movie industry and also through prominent public personalities.

It also includes manufacture of alternate explanations [attributing them to sightings of weather balloons, comets, swamp gas, etc. This plan was instituted by recommendation of the CIA-associated Robertson Panel which found that though a true threat from UFOs did in fact exist it was believed public acknowledgement of such a threat would create adverse public reactions [See Strange Skies p.

Washington, D. Nations could be conquered by the infiltration of agents into 29 Government seats of authority, and it is surely more frightening to think that mankind could be overcome and even destroyed by programmed read: possessed men and women within their own ranks. Os and their Mission Impossible by Dr.

Clifford Wilson, A. They feel they have been programmed. Man has paid little attention to them until now, for the fact of their existence has been shrouded in legend. But can they be dismissed as myth any longer? In this end time hour many strange phenomena are occurring. It was the wickedness of humanity and the abominable sexual union of the supernatural angels with the natural human women that moved God to judge the world. Thomas a Welsh preacher by profession , A. If some miraculous help does not finally intervene it is probable that our cherished values and even we ourselves will be annihilated One thing is certain in our present circumstances.

Some accounts of UFO activities — contacts and various kinds of sightings — seem to run parallel to Biblical accounts The appearances of angels have been chronicled down through the ages, and several new angel reports still turn up each year. Once again we find that these reports contain all the basic ingredients of the UFO reports. Saucer author R. In view of what we now know — or suspect — about 32 flying saucers, many of the Biblical accounts of things in the sky take on a new meaning and even corroborate some of the things happening today.

Clouds as allegorically described in The Bible are technologically deprived analogies of high technology aircraft which may more accurately be described as spacecraft, as angels are said to fly therewith amongst the heavens. These aircraft as described in The Bible seem to float effortlessly in the sky as would be expected of a cloud. They are even capable of manipulating atmospheric conditions resulting in the creation of various weather phenomena, and can thusly surround themselves with a cloud as when a ring of cloud-like water vapor forms around a jet airplane as it breaks the sound barrier resulting in a thunderous sonic boom.

One may call these clouds of heaven unidentified flying objects if it were not for the fact that they are clearly identified in The Bible. Dione, A. The only objects capable of flight besides the lowly insect were birds and floating clouds; birds and clouds were amongst the only things capable of hovering above the ground, the only things capable of floating in the sky, as did God and His cherubim-borne angels.

They are described as something that can ascend into the air after lifting off from ground level. They are described as something in which someone can be transported while hovering in the air, thereby transporting them over many miles, and quickly. One of the most frequent and suggestive uses of the figure is in connection with the presence of God. Clouds both veil and reveal the divine presence of God He God is present in the cloud In this case it is a flying object therein clearly identified as the aeronautical conveyance of God.

See Isaiah He God spoke to them in the pillar of cloud And there was the cloud the cherub and the darkness; and the night passed without the one coming near the other all night. This is the unseen protective shield used to keep harmful agencies at a safe distance.

They may also manifest with no UFO in sight, and in the most unlikely places. Buerring, A. See Exodus ,22 until morning. So it was continually; the cloud a cherub covered it by day and the appearance of fire the pillar of fire, a brightly lit cherub by night. And whenever the cloud was taken up took off, ascending into the air from over the tent, after that the people of Israel set out; and in the place where the cloud settled down wherever the cherub landed , there they encamped; as long as the cloud rested over the tabernacle, they remained in camp.

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Even when the cloud the cherub continued over the tabernacle many days, the people of Israel kept the 37 charge of the LORD God , and did not set out. Sometimes the cloud the cherub was a few days over the tabernacle, and according to the command of the LORD they set out. And sometimes the cloud the cherub remained from evening until morning; and when the cloud the cherub was taken up they set out. Whether it was two days, or a month, or a longer time, that the cloud the cherub continued over the tabernacle, abiding there, the people of Israel remained in camp and did not set out.

But when it the cherub was taken up ascended into the air they set out. In the second year, in the second month, on the twentieth day of the month, the cloud the cherub was taken up from over the tabernacle of the testimony, and the people of Israel set out by stages from the wilderness of Sinai; and the cloud the cherub settled down landed in the wilderness of Paran.

So they set out from the mount of the LORD three days journey, and the ark of the covenant of the LORD went before them three days journey, to seek out a resting place for them. See Exodus ,22 , and fire was in it by night the pillar of fire by night, a brightly lit cherub. See Exodus ,22 , in the sight of all the house of Israel.

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Inside the camouflaging mist, we can be certain, 40 was a craft known today as a flying saucer. Such spacecraft as we shall discover have advanced offensive capabilities. And Elijah went up in a whirlwind in a cherub into heaven into the Majestic Glory. Elijah, in reality an angel in human form incarnate , is here described as returning to the Majestic Glory, from whence he originally came, in a cherub See also Kings Nahum speak of the cherubim as does Nahum The top of the Majestic Glory looks the same as the bottom.

For by fire will the LORD execute judgment upon the people of the Earth , and by his sword, upon all flesh; and those slain will be many. He the angel in the red cherub was standing among the myrtle trees among the angels in the glen in the Majestic Glory ; and behind him were red, sorrel, and white horses three additional cherubim. Being described as mountains is also indicative of its great power. Ezekiel, like Zechariah here, also describes the cherubim exiting from within the Majestic Glory. See Ezekiel ; and the mountains were mountains of bronze the Majestic Glory is metallic and has the look of bronze.

The first chariot cherub had red horses was red , the second cherub black horses was black , the third cherub white horses was white , and the fourth chariot cherub dappled gray horses was metallic gray. The chariot 46 with the black horses the black cherub goes toward the north country, the white ones the white cherub go toward the west country, and the dappled ones the gray cherub go toward the south country. It was U. President Franklin D. Wallace, who is largely responsible for its inclusion thereupon. An official declaration of a newly established American alliance with these extraterrestrial beings with which they were in contact?

They are quite literally spinning wheels. They are circular think: disc shaped and they spin. The crafts spin, creating propulsion, enabling the cherubim, as we shall see, to travel in outer space. They are domed shaped like a rainbow 48 with multi-colored lights. Cherubim are also capable of joining together to form a larger craft. People can be transported in them. They have full military capabilities, are high-tech and extremely lethal.

And this was their appearance: they the cherubim had the form of men, but each cherub had four faces, and each of them each cherub had four wings. Under their wings on their four sides they had human hands four mechanical arms. And the four had their faces and their wings thus: their wings touched one another the fact that their wings touched one another show us the four cherubim are conjoined, united as one. When united, they serve as a landing pad for the Majestic Glory. Ezekiel here describes how the Majestic Glory comes out of the sky, the cherubim exit, join together to form a landing pad, and the Majestic Glory lands on them right in front of him ; they the cherubim went every one straight forward, without turning as they went.

Such were their faces.

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  5. And their wings were spread out above; each of the creatures each cherub had two wings, each of which touched the wing of another, while two covered their bodies. And each went straight forward; wherever the spirit the angel who pilots the cherub would go wanted the cherub to go , 49 they went, without turning as they went. In the midst of the living creatures the cherubim there was something that looked like burning coals of fire, like torches moving to and fro among the living creatures the cherubim ; and the fire was bright, and out of the fire went forth lightning.

    And the living creatures the four cherubim darted to and fro, like a flash of lightning they fly as fast as lightning. As for the appearance of the wheels and their construction: their appearance was like the gleaming of a chrysolite; and the four had the same likeness, their construction being as it were a wheel within a wheel.

    When they went they went in either of the four directions without turning as they went. The four wheels of the four cherubim had rims and they had spokes; and their rims were full of eyes round about. Other Tongues. Blumrich, author of the book entitled The Spaceships of Ezekiel A. XXIV No. The cherubim sit upon their thrones when at rest inside the Majestic Glory, one cherub on each throne.

    This is one of the seven golden lampstands. The cherubim are the lamps, the lampstands are the pedestals or thrones upon which the cherubim rest , the throne is pure gold in appearance like clear as sapphire this describes the throne room floor of the Majestic Glory and seated above the likeness of a throne was a likeness as it were of a human form the reference to the likeness of a human form is a description of a cherub. The four straight legs like calves feet would extend down from this point [See Ezekiel ]. When viewed from the front it appears as two legs. Like the appearance of the bow that is in the cloud on the day of rain another way of describing a rainbow, here indicative of multicolored lights on a dome-shaped aircraft called a cherub , so was the appearance of the brightness the light round about the cherub.

    A cherub has a spinning magnetic wheel beneath the top of the cherub. According to lEnoch XLI Its incredible spin twists magnetic fields which then are pushed away from the cherub. The rapidly spinning disc-shaped cherub produces helical coils of magnetic -field lines along its rotational axis, creating an electromagnetic field which allows the craft to 53 fly.

    A cherub works on the same principles as does a black hole in space. As above, so below. With propulsion portals distributed evenly over the entire cherub, this design allows them to travel in any possible direction, even enabling a cherub to change directions within a fraction of a second without employing large arcing turns as is the case with the comparatively arcane, ultra modern aircraft of today. And a cherub stretched forth his hand mechanical arm from between the cherubim to the fire that was between the cherubim, and took some of it, and put it into the hands of the man angel clothed in linen, who took it and went out.

    The cherubim appeared to have the form of a human hand under their wings. And 1 looked, and behold, there were four wheels beside underneath the cherubim, one beneath each cherub; and the appearance of the wheels was like sparkling chrysolite. As for their appearance, the four had the same likeness, as if a wheel were within a wheel. When they went, 54 they went in any of their four directions without turning as they went, but in whatever direction the front wheel faced the others followed without turning as they went.

    And their rims, and their spokes, and their wheels were full of eyes round about — the wheels that the four of them had. As for the wheels, they were called in my hearing the whirling wheels. And the cherubim mounted up. These were the living creatures the four cherubim I saw by the river Chabar in Babylon.

    And when the cherubim went, the wheels went beside them; and when the cherubim lifted up their wings to mount up from the earth, the wheels did not turn from beside them. When they stood still, these stood still, and when they mounted up, these mounted up with them; for the spirit of the living creatures the angels piloting the cherubim was in them in the wheels; in the cherub. Cherubim are named in the same way ships and aircraft are named on Earth. The following scripture is related in Job I rearrange parts of it for clarification.

    Will he make many supplications to you? Will he speak to you 56 soft words? For though a cherub flies, it is no bird. Will they divide him a cherub, as with a whale up among the merchants? For though it possesses full underwater aquatic capabilities, the cherub is no whale or fish to be harpooned, processed and sold. Behold, the hope of a man is disappointed; he is laid low by a deep sleep even at the sight of him the cherub. No one is so fierce that he dares to stir him the cherub up.

    Who then is he who can stand before me who can defeat God in His cherub? Who has given to me that 1 should repay him? Whatever is under the whole heaven is mine. Who can strip off his outer garment a reference to the outer coat of mail; the armor plating of the cherub? Who can penetrate his outer coat of mail the armor plating of the cherub?

    One the edges of each armor plate is so near to another that no air nor water can come between them. They the armored plates are joined one to another; they clasp each other and cannot be 57 separated. The folds of his flesh the individual armor plates in the armor plating which covers the cherub cleave together, are firmly cast upon him upon the cherub and are immovable they are inseparable.

    Joined together they form the whole. When you divide a circle into four parts, you come up with four equal degree sections.

    The Devil of the Bible

    Cherubim destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah and the cities of the plain [See Genesis ] in a nuclear attack. See Ezekiel and Zechariah , and See Ezekiel 1 crashing they are beside themselves the thunderous noise a cherub may generate causes confusion, blindness and deep sleep, the weapon acting on the human mind.

    He counts iron as straw, and bronze as rotted wood. The arrow cannot make him flee; for him slingstones are turned to stubble. The high pressure of the water cannot crush it. When underwater He a cherub makes the deep sea boil superheats the water around it like a pot; he makes the sea like a pot of ointment boiling on a fire. Behind him behind a cherub traveling underwater he leaves a shining wake from its propulsion system ; one would think the deep to be hoary. It is otherworldly and alien to this earth. Woe to you , O earth and sea , for the devil has come down to you Satan as like lightning fall to the Earth from heaven.

    But it does not think this is a war between independent powers. It thinks it is a civil war, a rebellion, and that we are living in a part of the universe occupied by the rebel. Lewis, A. It is Satan himself who is an occupier of our Earth, dwelling beneath the seas. Since they appear to be identical with the Western concept of flying saucers — they are often reported as moving lights in the sky Satan in his cherub Leviathan was thrown down to our Earth where he hides today within the bodies of water of our Earth.

    And Satan is not alone. His angels are with him in their cherubim as related above in Revelation In Revelation and Revelation we are told Satan is to rise from the sea wherein he lays concealed at the beginning of the war on Christians and Jews during the great Tribulation. They are at this time spread as threshing sledges upon the mire at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea See Job and Isaiah See also Ezekiel where it says Satan sits in the heart of the seas, that is, at the bottom of the sea. Satan sits at the bottom of the sea in his cherub. I God will haul you up See Job I will cast you on the ground Mcirid is the Arabic name for the rebellious group of angels 63 which included their leader Satan, the group which is said in Arabic folklore to find sanctuary within the seas and oceans of the Earth.

    Interestingly enough nearly half of all modern-day UFO reports include reports of unidentified objects entering and exiting the water bodies of our Earth. The following list of articles found at www. Soviet military researchers quite thorough. The files have been largely inaccessible, even after the fall of the USSR.

    But I was able to collect some interesting information. Omar Fowler The latest information received indicates that there is intense 65 UFO activity along the East Coast, particularly near Lowestoft and strange things are still happening in the vicinity of Rendlesham Forest! Just what is going on? In what follows we will take a look at this peculiar phenomenon and report sightings of objects coming up from or going down into lakes and rivers. Russian Underwater Encounters: What Lurks Beneath The Surface Paul Stonehill It is safe to conclude that the Soviets before , and the Russians now are preoccupied with the strange and sinister creatures lurking in their waters.

    Are there alien forms of intelligent life that occupy the vast volumes of water that constitute our oceans, seas, and lakes?

    Studies in Revelation

    The largest of our oceans, the Pacific, covers 64,, square miles and reaches a depth of 36, feet in its deepest part, the Marianas Trench , a depth that no ray of sunlight ever reaches. Could these depths hide alien submarine bases? In fact throughout the seas, oceans, as well as lakes and rivers of the world, strange metallic objects have provoked just as much curiosity.

    USOs - do they exist? Christian Pfeiler Many people know sighting reports about UFOs - strange objects that fly through the air of our planet. Only through the air? It is remarkable that most parts of our world are covered with water and that there is some evidence that the UFOs also use this "matter" to move to most places of the planet without being seen from anyone. He saw and reported so many unusual objects in the water and in the air that his superiors finally asked him to ignore them.

    In later years, Sanderson devoted a lot of time collecting and cataloging water sightings. Ivan T. Sanderson found that by actual count, over 50 percent of the UFO sightings had occurred over, coming from, or plunging into or coming out of water. This includes oceans, seas, lakes, and reservoirs Hamilton III, A. There is, however, a mountain of evidence indicating that the force behind the UFO phenomenon is solidly based on this planet. And it has been conning us for years to keep us from discovering that fact.

    Air Force Project Bluebook There are aircraft that can dive into the water and convert into submarines. And there are ordinary, air-breathing earthling types manning these objects. Why do they hide from us? And what are they really up to? These sightings form the core of the flying saucer mystery. Fairies and leprechauns were often seen around lakes and rivers, occasionally collecting water in receptacles just as small ufonauts in modern flying saucer cases In 1 Enoch LX. Portals located all around the cherub allow it to travel forwards and backwards and upwards and downwards and any which way in between.

    Behemoth, who occupied The power train of the cherub by which the craft is powered is located in the bottom section of the cherub See Job The tail-like apparatus described in Job 17 is a large drill based on the concept of the screw which when extended from the bottom of a cherub allows the rapidly spinning cherub to drill its way into the soft desert sands. Here we are told that located in the top of the cherub at the ends top of the heaven of the cherub ; See lEnoch LX.

    These chambers allow a cherub to mimic atmospheric conditions, allowing it to create weather. The hot and cold chambers allow a cherub to create frost, snow, hail, mist dew and rain, when hot air from the hot chamber is made to meet cold air from the cold chamber, as when a warm front meets a cold front. A cherub also has portals and chambers for the winds which allow it to suck in air and to force this air out while rapidly spinning, creating a highly destructive tornado-like effect See lEnoch LX.

    Keel Cherubim are 15 feet high that is, 10 cubits. See 1 Kings Their outstretched wings, when joined together in flight, total 15 feet across that is, 10 cubits. See IKings , the total being the length of the joined wing protrusions, each wing protrusion being 7. The Engineering of the Cherubim While the angels were created before the creation of our Earth See Job , the cherubim were not constructed until the inter-day creation period between the Fourth and Fifth Day Earth-altering asteroid stakes. The Four Faces The face of a man is said to appear on the front of a cherub.

    And the four living creatures, each of them with six wings, are full of eyes all around and within. Ezekiel in his encounter with the cherubim witnesses them using only two sets of them. And the appearance of each of them was the same, each having four faces, And this was the aspect of their faces: of a lion, of a man, of an ox, and of an eagle And each one each cherub had six wings: two on the shoulders, two halfway down on the cherub; these protrude from middle of the cherub , and two at the loins. The seraphim, which are in fact two cherubim, stand guard atop the Holy of Holies above the throne room of God.

    Above him stood the seraphim two cherubim ; each cherub had six wings; with two he covered his face two retractable panels cover the doors on the front of a cherub that in their configuration appear as the face of a man. When they fly with outstretched wings they operate as fixed-winged aircraft. They retract into the craft during extraterrestrial flight. Then flew one of the seraphim a cherub to me These would appear to be disc- shaped and not as winged-humans as is often popularly depicted. The Babylonians in Biblical times worshipped the seraphim and the other cherubim of the angels as gods.

    To the Babylonians, these two cherubim were considered to be evil beings as the cherubim often wrought destructive judgments upon them. Bringing terrifying radiance from the marshes. Nanna, whose appearance in the high heavens is adorned with radiance! King, glittering light, crown of Urim, Nanna, glittering light, crown of Urim! The worship of angels and their cherubim, and most specifically of the angel Azazel and his cherub Behemoth, 77 which included magic rituals, was a common practice throughout the ancient world.

    Some of these artifacts. All five of these cylinder seals depict the Winged Disk. Representation of flying disks in religion does not stop with the Phoenicians. The symbol is a basic one in the early Christian church, and it is consistently associated with the angels. The humanoid fallen angels were worshipped as gods.

    Then I beheld, and lo, a form that had the appearance of a man this describes a cherub, landing or fully landed ; below what appeared to be his loins it was fire the burning coals of fire. See Ezekiel , and above his loins it was like the appearance of brightness, like gleaming bronze.

    From the window on the cherub which in its configuration appears as the mouth on the face of a man comes fire and brimstone ; to sift the nations with the sieve of destruction. Touch the mountains that they smoke! Flash forth the lightning and scatter them, send out thy arrows and route them! The LORD of hosts will protect them, and they shall devour and tread down the slingers A natural analogy to a particle beam is lightning.

    Particle beams are accelerated streams of supercharged particles. These subatomic particles are accelerated to high velocities which travel at nearly the speed of light and carry tremendous amounts of kinetic energy which is measured in billions or trillions of election volts. These fast moving particles transfer their kinetic energies to the atoms within their target thereby exciting the atoms within, rapidly superheating them to the point of destruction.

    Optical Cloaking 2Kings and Numbers provide examples of the use of optical cloaking technology. When one views an object one is in actuality seeing light wavelengths reflecting off an object. As Keel explains in The Cosmic Question p. UFOs are normally invisible to us and are seen only by accident or design. When a deep sleep is said to come upon someone as an angel makes his appearance, the presence of a cherub is always implied, though not always described.

    At thy rebuke, O God of Jacob, both rider and horse lay stunned and defenseless, in this way allowing a few Israelis to slaughter many opponents. See also Isaiah The weapons employed by the occupants — if indeed they are weapons — deserve special attention. For the most part they seem to be immobilization devices I was left alone and saw this great vision, and no strength was left in me as a result of the thunderous acoustical 92 weapon.

    This angel is Jesus touched my lips. When aliens want to abduct them, abductees are routinely paralyed instantly and placed in suspended animation. Daniel tells us the physical effects of the Deep Sleep weapon on a human body, namely physical pain and a loss of breath accompanied by a loss of strength. Isaiah also received such a treatment 93 See Isaiah upon his encounter with a cherub.

    Being put into such a deep sleep, when awoken Ezekiel says the Holy Spirit enters into him See Ezekiel and in this way by the power of the Holy Spirit God communicates with him See Ezekiel through Ezekiel They can paralyze and immobilize both machine and human beings; they can somehow tamper with the human mind See ISamuel , until they are destroyed.

    See ISamuel , and I will make all your enemies turn their backs toward you. See Exodus Records released by the U. Tarcher Inc. The optical system converts light to electricity, which in turn stimulates the visual areas of the brain; the auditory system does the same with sound.

    Even the will to act is governed by electrical impulses to the brain. So again, in theory we can imagine a device capable of refining and amplifying these signals, making it possible to receive them from a long distance. Sometimes the entities pose as members of some secret order of Brothers watching over the human race. Some claim to belong to a long-gone Elder race that once inhabited this planet and constructed the pyramids, Stonehenge, and the other ancient artifacts that baffle us.

    Others pretend to be from lost Atlantis or mental projections from a secret temple high in the Himalayas. Today they are inclined to identify themselves as denizens of another planet and add to the propaganda being circulated to advance the extraterrestrial hypothesis ETH - that is, that we are being visited by people from another galaxy. Your brain processes information and it is possible to manipulate the information your brain processes. One could imagine that UAP Unidentified Aerospace Phenomena; UFOs represent physical craft equipped with the means to interact both with the surrounding atmosphere and with the senses of observers in such a way as to convey a false image of their real nature.

    UFOs are also said to be capable of creating false memories in the minds of contactees in a process known as confabulation. This process is known as confabulation. Some witnesses are simply programmed to forget a specific period of time altogether. See 1 Samuel , when he smites with his rod. Such contacts are an integral part of many religions. Indeed, God is said to know your thoughts as if they were a spoken word of the one who was speaking to me. And when I could not see because of the brightness of that light his blindness is caused by the brightness of the Majestic Glory.

    Compare to DARPA Dazzler directed-energy weaponry designed by the military to cause temporary blindness , 1 was led by the hand by those who were with me, and came into Damascus. At times the luminous emanation varies in intensity, sometimes emitting brief but powerful flashes Persons who have been involved in various UFO experiences are at one in emphasizing that the entire area round about them is lit up with an intensity equal to that of daylight.

    Be drunk, but not with wine; stagger but not with strong drink! Since He is able to affect the human brain in this manner, it is reasonable to assume He can also paralyze and blind His subjects by numbing the visual and motor areas of the brain. Present day flying-saucers can do this too.

    Why is my pain unceasing, my wound incurable, refusing to be healed?

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    For day and night thy hand was heavy upon me; my strength was dried up as by the heat of summer. No coal for wanning oneself is this, no fire to sit before! The incredible rate of spin of the cherubim allows them to mimic tornadic weather conditions. See ISamuel and with earthquake a cherub is capable of causing an earthquake and great noise, with whirlwind from the cherub and tempest a stormy wind , and the flame of a devouring fire.

    Our God comes, he does not keep silence, before him in his cherub is a devouring fire, round about him in his cherub is a mighty tempest. The LORD of hosts will protect them, and they shall devour and tread down the slingers.

    Silencing Satan: 13 Studies for Individuals and Groups: Handbook of Biblical Demonology Silencing Satan: 13 Studies for Individuals and Groups: Handbook of Biblical Demonology
    Silencing Satan: 13 Studies for Individuals and Groups: Handbook of Biblical Demonology Silencing Satan: 13 Studies for Individuals and Groups: Handbook of Biblical Demonology
    Silencing Satan: 13 Studies for Individuals and Groups: Handbook of Biblical Demonology Silencing Satan: 13 Studies for Individuals and Groups: Handbook of Biblical Demonology
    Silencing Satan: 13 Studies for Individuals and Groups: Handbook of Biblical Demonology Silencing Satan: 13 Studies for Individuals and Groups: Handbook of Biblical Demonology
    Silencing Satan: 13 Studies for Individuals and Groups: Handbook of Biblical Demonology Silencing Satan: 13 Studies for Individuals and Groups: Handbook of Biblical Demonology

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