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It's not as hard as you'd think or as pricey if you read our guide. Some of the most pristine wreck diving sites can be found in the Great Lakes. We asked a Chicago scuba instructor for a few tales and tips for exploring them. Even after more than 30 years of diving, moments like these never fail to capture his imagination. Scuba in Santa Monica, CA. Categories Things To Do Scuba 8. Golf Water Sports Sporting Events Soccer Racing Swimming Horse Riding He has had a hand in the building of all three vessels in the Truth Aquatics fleet and personally oversaw the building of the Conception and the Vision.

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Glen has logged hundreds of hours at sea in his thirty plus years as a captain running multi-day live-aboard dive trips to the Channel Islands. While he does captain several trips a year, today, as the sole owner of Truth Aquatics, he spends most of his time managing the business and is always available to answer correspondences. One of the most personable people you will ever meet Glen instills the same in his captains and crew. You are given a warm welcome and made to feel comfortably at home.

Jerry Boylan grew up by the sea. His father was an officer with the United States Coast Guard stationed on Anacapa Island where he was the officer in charge of the lighthouse. Jerry began his diving career at the tender age of 5 by spending hours in the water free diving with his father. In he learned to sail and immediately began managing Santa Barbara Boat Rentals.

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After assisting Glen with the construction of the Vision, Jerry soon became the full-time captain of that boat. Jerry has since captained all of the Truth Aquatics liveaboard vessels as well as other boats in the sport diving and commercial marine industries.

Jerry is presently in command of the Conception and enjoys showing others the beauty of the Santa Barbara Channel Islands. Raised in Los Angeles, Davey grew up around the ocean, so it was only natural that he became a scuba instructor. Back with Truth Aquatics once again. Davey has been in command of the Truth since November of , running her out of Long Beach Harbor for a few winter seasons and now solidly established back in Santa Barbara.

He enjoys meeting a wide variety of guests and can occasionally be found up in the wheelhouse, rocking out to the BeeGees or playing his own bass guitar, treating passengers on the sundeck to an impromptu concert.

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Currently Captain Davey enjoys freediving and spearfishing for White Sea Bass whenever the opportunity presents itself, and he and his second in command, Eli, look forward to welcoming YOU aboard the Mighty Truth! Ian was born and raised in San Diego, CA, spending his youth on or near the water. Throughout his youth he sailed with various aquatic centers and local yacht clubs. After 5 years of seasonal work, one day sitting in a DunLevy at La Jolla Shores, he was watching a merchant ship on the horizon and realized that was where he wanted to be. He did that for one season, and moved back to San Diego.

The route was dizzying, so he wanted something different. He moved to Alaska and began working for Un-Cruise Adv. He was married at the time and his wife wanted him back, so he returned to San Diego again and began looking for work. He found various delivery jobs, taking boats up and down the coast from San Francisco to Puerto Vallarta. Around this time he began diving more frequently and saw an advertisement for Truth Aquatics, Santa Barbara.

He was a certified rescue diver, and had responded too many dive emergencies while employed at La Jolla Shores as a Lifeguard and thought Live Aboard dive charters would be a perfect fit. He began working as Second Captain in aboard the Vision, and fell in love with the job and company. In he became Captain of the Vision.

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Truth Aquatics is always on the look out for good crew. If working extremely hard and diving the Channel Islands is what you are looking for then send us a resume. The type of work on a liveaboard dive boat is not for a typical nine to fiver; this work is for the adventurous soul who likes to watch the sunrise over the ocean and spend days at a time cruising the Channel Islands. Our main criterion is that you are friendly and courteous, the rest we feel you can learn.

Learning seamanship is something that every crew member has had the chance to do with Truth Aquatics and many have moved on to successful careers in the maritime industry. They must also know local weather, have knowledge of diving and hiking spots, and be able to direct a crew.

Scuba in Santa Monica, CA

A second caption must posses a Mates or Masters License. Must be willing to work the deck to gain knowledge of every aspect of the vessel, learn local weather, learn about local diving and island hiking spots, and learn to direct crew. Deckhands must be willing to learn and work hard. Specialized skills are not needed but a positive attitude is mandatory. If you are a willing person, we feel we can teach you the rest. The First Galley must have food preparation and cooking experience, be able to make food orders and direct others.

This person is in charge of all aspects of the food prepared on board and is in charge of second galley personnel. Because of the tight space in the galleys, this is where teamwork gets the true test. Second Galley must be willing to learn and work hard. Special skills are not needed but a positive attitude is mandatory. Over the years Truth Aquatics has received many awards from various agencies not only from scuba diving related organizations, but from County, State, and Federal organizations as well.

Today Truth Aquatics continues to make improvements to its liveaboard dive boats to make them even more Eco-Friendly. Greer IN. I gave this as a gift and he loved the detailed entries. I gave this as a gift and he loved the detail entries. I have not had the opportunity to dive on any of these spots yet due to weather since I bought this book. I have read the entire book and viewed all of his GPS coordinates on a chart.

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  8. The information seems solid and of the spots I have already been in the water at, his hand drawn maps look exactly like the image I have in my head. He seems to have a good knowledge of areas that hold fish and other denizens and has expressed that information in this book. You can tell in the text that his targets have always been halibut and lobster, with sand bass as an alternate.

    If your targets are sheephead, rockfish, lings or pelagics you won't find a whole lot of information here.

    Santa Monica Bay Diving & Fishing Log Santa Monica Bay Diving & Fishing Log
    Santa Monica Bay Diving & Fishing Log Santa Monica Bay Diving & Fishing Log
    Santa Monica Bay Diving & Fishing Log Santa Monica Bay Diving & Fishing Log
    Santa Monica Bay Diving & Fishing Log Santa Monica Bay Diving & Fishing Log
    Santa Monica Bay Diving & Fishing Log Santa Monica Bay Diving & Fishing Log

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