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Israel Kamakawiwo'ole top tabs. Tannehill, Brynn. Braddock, Paige. Lion Forge, Davies, Katie. In at the Deep End. Houghton Mifflen Harcourt, Translated by Karen Emmerich. New Vessel Press, Stoner, Tammy Lynne. Sugar Land. Ren Hen Press, Harrad, Kate. Thorntree Press, New Press, Sierra-Rivera, Judith. Affective Intellectuals and the Space of Catastrophe in the Americas. Ohio State University Press, With the expansion of queer publishing across the rainbow, we read an incredibly diverse collection of titles from major, independent, and self-publishers.

The top ten fiction and nonfiction titles for the Over the Rainbow Booklist are:. Bullock, Overlook Press. Black Performance on the Outskirts of the Left. Malik Gaines. NYU Press, An academic look at black embodiment and its expression, from the silver screen to the political theater.

Gaines observes how radical black performers from W. B Du Bois to Sylvester communicate resistance to and transcendence from hegemonic understandings of gender, race, and sexuality. Andrew Reynolds. Reynolds does an excellent job at not only looking at past politicians but current game changers as well. Natasha Hurley. University of Minnesota Press, A look at the emergence of homosexuality as a genre and the ways in which history and society influenced it prior to and after its exposure. Ashton Spacey. McFarland, Research exploring the ever-changing complexities of queer fan fiction as a genre and how marginalized voices are both heard and ignored in the fiction and among slash fan communities; delves into subjects including asexual, disabled, male pregnancy, violence between partners, and dubious consent, to a depth not usually plumbed.

This provocative, compelling, straight forward Colombian Lesbian perspective is an excellent addition to any academic library. Libby Adler. A densely-packed and penetrating study on the reasons behind the priorities of the queer law reform movement and the continuing neglect of those marginalized populations who are most in need formal equality versus redistribution or equity. Gay, Inc. Myrl Beam. Beam presents case studies arguing that the mainstreaming of queer activism is tied to a nonprofit system that actually reinforces institutionalized inequality.

Alison Ash Fogarty, Lily Zheng. Praeger, This work addresses what it is like to be a trans-identifying individual in San Francisco. This informational piece allows a reader to understand potential issues that could arise, but focuses more on ways for employers and workplaces to be inclusive to transgender employees. Growing Up Queer. Mary Robertson. This informative work investigates how growing up with this open-mindset has intertwined with other parts of development and culture. Abbie E. Goldberg, Adam P. Romero, eds. This book changes that and covers patterns amongst LGBTQ relationship dissolution giving insight into ways LGBTQ families may handle a variety of issues that may arise during separation.

It pulls its information from a variety of essays written by leading experts and is broken into four easy to read segments making it suitable for a classroom text or a single situation reference manual. Gayle Salamon. An unflinching look at the murder of year old Latisha King by her classmate. Michael Murphy, ed. Excellent beginner textbook for any university LGBT centered course. It covers a variety of topics and is well laid out.

The freedom they give to contributors to use whichever acronym fits the situation they are discussing is also unique. You can even find sexual identities not typically discussed like those found in the BDSM and Kink community. Other, Please Specify. University of California Press, This text is targeted to those in the field of sociology, but offers important guidance for any researcher.

Created by those practicing in the field, the book gives insight on how to work with and research within an often-targeted community. Jackie Cuevas. Rutgers University Press, Running with the theme of intersectionality this year Post-Borderlandia covers gender identity, race, power dynamics and Trans issues and their effects on current Chicana and Chicanx narratives. Trevor Hoppe. Queering Autoethnography. Stacy Holman Jones, Anne M. This work illuminates how autoethnography is a hybridizing of the personal and the theoretical — this short, powerful book connects personal queer experience to oppressive places, institutions, and cultural norms of power to advocate a collective fight for justice.

Anne Balay. Offers a look into the world of long-haul trucking. Through oral history interviews, queer and minority trucker drivers share their stories of their daily lives, as well as prejudice and exploitation they have faced in their line of work. It is also an examination of why long-haul trucking holds appeal for some people from these same communities. Andre Cavalcante. Solid research from historical and media rhetoric lenses alongside interviews of people from different eras and age groups in the midwestern United States. Theater of the Ridiculous: A Critical History. Kelly I. A scholarly survey of the movement that highlights the radical possibilities of camp, from the development of the genre to the contemporary theatre scene, with special attention paid to Charles Ludlam, Maria Montez, Jack Smith, and Ethyl Eichelberger.

Tey Meadow. Transgender Sex Work and Society. Larry Nuttbrock. Scholarly examinations of topics related to transgender sex workers, in the United States and abroad. Substance use, mental and physical health, crime and violence are some of the topics of study, and several areas needing more research are mentioned. Reina Gossett, ed. MIT Press, Visibility and its discontents drive this volume of essays on trans life and culture. Art criticism, queer history, political theory, and personal narrative are woven together, often in a single chapter.

A multiplicity of voices means that chapters vary in quality, but Trap Door is more than a sum of its parts. The collection contextualizes queer past and envisions radical futures even as its inhabitants struggle with the darkness of the present. David R. Introduces three organizations trying to change how queer media is represented in Hollywood and how it is presented to the general public, in order to strengthen every community and motivate for social justice. Andy Warhol, Publisher. Lucy Mulroney. University of Chicago Press, Mulroney focuses both on the artistic ingenuity and social impact of the collaborative publishing projects facilitated by Warhol.

Harvey Milk: His Lives and Death. Lillian Faderman. Yale University Press, Harvey Milk and his legacy has been covered extensively, but this new biography stands out from the crowd. House of Nutter: The rebel tailor of Savile Row.

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Lance Richardson. Imani Perry. Perry combines a wealth of research with poetics and personal experience in this gorgeous and necessary biography.

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Samuel Steward , Jeremy Mulderig, ed. An absorbing, funny, and astonishing memoir of a man with many talents and many identities: Samuel Steward, university professor; Phil Sparrow, tattoo artist; Ward Stames, John McAndrews, and Donald Bishop, writing ground-breaking essays in the first European gay magazines; Phil Andros, explicit novelist; and a man who lived life to its fullest. Myriam Gurba. Coffee House Books, Michelle Tea meets Helene Cixous in this surrealistic exploration of the spaces between trauma and eros. Intense, darkly humorous, and very readable.

My Butch Career: A Memoir. Esther Newton. Darnell L. Nation Books, Intersectionality is a hot topic in the LGBTQ community but few could understand all the many intersections one may possibly encounter in a life. It is an inspiring work that covers struggles, triumphs and a path not often traveled and even less often talked about. Out of Step: A Memoir. Anthony Moll. Sinner in Mecca. Parvez Sharma. BenBella Books, This work shares the journey of a gay Muslim man traveling to Mecca to perform the hajj in , made even more dangerous since he is also a closeted Sunni Muslim.

The author documented the journey on a film of the same name. Julie R. This work reveals a friendship between two important African American lesbian poets through their letters. The text offers insight into what it is to be a woman of color during this same time period and the micro and regular aggressions endured within the literary community. To my Trans Sisters. Charles Craggs, ed. A book by trans women and for trans women — a rare and needed perspective in a world of coming-out-stories framed for cis audiences.

This series of letters is full of advice, empathy, strength and hope from trans women speaking to their younger selves and to their larger communities. An uplifting and powerful collection centering the experiences of a community all-too-often made invisible. Tomorrow will be different: Love, loss, and the fight for Trans Equality. Sarah McBride. Sarah is a well-known figure in Washington, D.

C and to the Democratic Party. She is an activist and an advocate for Trans rights and visibility.

Her memoir shares her experience, looking beyond the privilege she was born with and those she was not, to help others fighting for equality. Unpunished Vice: A Life of Reading. Edmund White. He digs deep into books that have influenced him, stayed with him, or held meaning for him in various parts of his life. He also shares a lot about his life, friends, other writers and lovers and ex-lovers! Wild Mares. Dianna Hunter. Side commentary on clothing, haircuts, music, depression, and so on bring the reader into the era directly.

After Silence. Avram Finkelstein. David Sedaris. Little, Brown and Co. Fans of David Sedaris will be no stranger to the dark camp sensibilities at play in Calypso. His wit is still present, if muted, making this volume feel all the more intimate. An unexpended and welcome addition to his oeuvre. Sand C. Chang, Anneliese A. Singh, lore m. Context Press, A practical handbook for medical practitioners, including mental health providers.

It goes beyond basic definitions to ask clinicians to examine their own biases and misconceptions about transgender and nonconforming clients, and provides example scenarios where care providers handled a medical situation inadequately. Darryl W. Overlook Press, Well-researched overview of queer musicians who have had a major impact on popular music, bringing to light hidden stories and closely examining queer performative movements, making this a compelling and important work.

Gender: Your Guide. Lee Airton. Many things amazing in life are constantly evolving; including language and gender. Genevieve Hudson. Advocate, The author also explores her own personal connection to Fun Home and its impact as her roadmap to the world of lesbian literature. Unbound: Transgender Men and the Remaking of Identity. Arlene Stein. Pantheon, This work provides a wide range of experiences from personal accounts of transgender men.

The author has also included interviews with friends and family members, making the book useful for family members learning to be supportive. The book maintains a narrow focus — patients from one office, all from the United States, making the medical information insurance strategies, etc only useful to those in the states.

Boys of Fairy Town. Jim Elledge. Chicago Review Press, This work uses patterns of history and individual biography to illuminate the queer history of Chicago from the founding of the city through World War II; aimed at general readers and anyone interested in queer history brought vividly to life. Peter Shinkle. Steerford Press, Stephen Lane. ForeEdge, Tim Tate. John Blake, Robert W. Liveright, This book brings to light a historical event that has long been closeted and pushed to the side that deeply affected the LGBTQ community.

Fieseler writes in a journalistic style that does due diligence to bringing the facts of the case to a world that may not of heard of the event before. Magnus Hirschfeld. Rixdorf Editions, The work provides views into a German sub-culture during Well-written and full of inspiring views and a positive look at the culture, this work offers insight into a time LGBT stories are often cast in negative light.


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This is the first translation into English of this classic work. Out for Queer Blood. Clayton Delery. This history addresses the murder of Fernando Rios, the trial, and the aftermath. Peter Ackroyd. Abrams Press, Lesbian South. Jaime Harker. A chronicle of the Women in Print movement through its participants and their connections to liberation movements and the American south. Harker links celebrated authors, underground publishers, feminist figures, and readers both in and out of the closet.

Well-researched, illuminating and enjoyable.

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Joseph Fink. Harper Perennial, Keisha lives happily with her wife Alice until the day Alice disappears, presumed dead. After months of grieving, Keisha sees Alice in the background of a news report and takes matters into her own hands, becoming a long-haul truck driver, searching for her missing wife. Along the way, she stumbles across a secret American history, an inhuman serial killer, and a supernatural war being waged along the interstate highway system. Cabin at the End of the World. Paul Tremblay. William Morrow, Jeffrey Round.


Dundurn, Lamb Will Slaughter the Lion. Margaret Killjoy.

500 Weeks And Counting: 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow' Continues Its Historic Legacy

Tor, While the apocalypse seems to draw close, Killjoy has already explored how an anarchist utopian might thrive, a group of marginalized outsiders with different races, genders, and sexual identities. When their protective demon familiar begins to destroy them, they band together even more tightly to try and survive. This is a quick and delightfully creepy read for sci-fi fans. Sodom Road Exit. Amber Dawn. Arsenal Pulp Press, Starla returning home to live with her mother after incurring significant university debt. Trick Roller. Cordelia Kingsbridge.

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Over the Rainbow Over the Rainbow
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