Miss Lilys Boarding House (Love Letters)

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Meanwhile, their real son, Scott Rosson confronts them about not getting married. Georgina reveals who he is, and they abandon their wedding to find him. They do, and the three share a moment before marrying that night at the Humphrey loft. Upset at her daughter's actions, Lily orders her to end the relationship and if she doesn't, to stay away from her. She chooses to break up with Tripp, but finds a letter from her father, William van der Woodsen , that Lily took and hid.

Serena then chooses to leave town with Tripp but ends up in a major car accident. Meanwhile, Rufus grows suspicious of where Lily really spent the summer after her story doesn't match up with CeCe's. He finds out that she spent a night with William after Tripp's wife, Maureen van der Bilt finds the letter from William and gives it to him. As a result, he leaves town to go skiing. Thinking he cheated, Lily brings him the scarf and they reconcile later that night. In The Unblairable Lightness of Being Serena, who has been searching for her father for almost two years now, learns he's in Palm Beach, Florida, so she flies there to see him and is shocked to find Lily in his room instead of him.

Lily returns to New York with Serena, and reveals to Rufus, along with William, that she has been sick with cancer and William has been helping heal her Dr.

Miss Lily's Boarding House by Sandi Hampton

Rufus is suspicious of this all, and tries to prove that William is interested in Lily romantically and not in a normal doctor-patient way. His suspicions are confirmed when William gives a speech and proclaims his love for Lily, Serena, and Eric. At the same time, Holland tells everyone that Rufus slept with her; and the revelation devastates Lily.

They learn that William and Holland teamed up to break the two of them up, and that William had been giving Lily the wrong medicine to keep her seemingly sick.


In Gaslit , Lily chooses to have Serena sent to rehab under involuntary commitment after she's found having an overdose in a motel. However, Serena is adamant she didn't overdose herself and tries to tell Lily, who doesn't believe her. Dan breaks her out of rehab but Lily and Blair catch them before they leave town. Serena then sees a photo of herself on Gossip Girl doing cocaine, not knowing it was really Juliet Sharp pretending to be her to ruin her reputation.

In The Townie , Juliet reveals that she has a vendetta against Serena for having her brother and Serena's former teacher Ben Donovan sent to jail under statutory rape charges. Serena argues that she never talked the police and couldn't have had him arrested; then realizes that Lily was the one who had him sent there. When she confronts her about it, Lily explains that when Serena wanted to come home, no private school would take her so she went to Knightley to talk to the administration.

Once she was there, she overheard some girls gossiping about Serena and Ben so Lily told as a way of getting a good reference for Serena.

However, she wasn't aware of what she did until the police wanted to conduct an investigation and she was forced to forge Serena's signature on an affidavit confirming the story. After everyone begins to ice her out, Lily tries to fix things. She tells Chuck that another company has made a very generous offer to buy Bass Industries and he mistakenly assumes she is selling to Thorpe Enterprises, a company ran by Bass enemy Russell Thorpe.

When he accidentally reveals that the company is for sale to him, Russell makes a play to buy it and dismantle it for parts. When he succeeds, Lily goes to confront him and after arguing with him, causes his new girlfriend, Russell's daughter, Raina Thorpe , to leave him. However, they make up soon after and work together to ruin Russell's deal to sell Bass Ind.

As a result, Russell blackmails Lily but ultimately fails, as Lily was already planning to turn herself in Empire of the Son. After word of her arrest spreads, CeCe, Carol, and William come to town to help. Lily is excited about being in a book of Modern Royalty with her mother, sister, and children, but is depressed after the book cancels their photo due to the scandal. At the same time, Carol's daughter Charlie Rhodes comes to town and meets Serena. However, Lily and Carol resolve their issues and they end up taking a family photo in their apartment.

Lily is then sentenced to three months under house arrest The Kids Stay in the Picture. She is excited until she sees all her guests gossip about her. After Anne Archibald informs her that everyone there took pleasure in seeing her suffer, she has the police kick everyone out. Later that day, Rufus reveals to Lily that he was able to get the judge to grant her an early release and she decides to let Charlie stay with her and Rufus. However, things go south quickly when paparazzi storm the party looking for Blair, who ends up in a life threatening car crash with Chuck that night.

In Cross Rhodes , Lily and everyone else learn CeCe has been very sick for a long time and is being sent to the hospital. While everyone gathers there, it's revealed that Charlie is really a girl named Ivy that Carol paid to gain access to the real Charlie's trust fund with. At the end of the night, CeCe dies. When CeCe's will is read in The Princess Dowry , it's revealed that she left everything to Ivy; including Lily's apartment that she originally purchased. Angry that Lily and everyone else kicked her to the curb, Ivy orders Lily and Rufus to leave the apartment.

They do, and go to stay at the loft. In Con-Heir , Lily works with William to steal her apartment back from Ivy but their plan fails when Serena accidentally ruins it. But with the will under investigation, she is able to keep Ivy from accessing CeCe's money. Soon after, Rufus works out a deal with Ivy for her to leave if Lily unlocks the money.

Lily pretends to, but really doesn't and gets Ivy out of the apartment. Mad at what she did, Rufus decides to stay in Brooklyn while Lily returns to the penthouse Salon of the Dead.

In Despicable B , Serena is shocked to learn that the real Charlie, Lola Rhodes , is really her three-quarter sister she was fathered by her father, William, when he was having an affair with Lily's sister, Carol, while married to Lily. Meanwhile, the judge invalidated the will, leaving Ivy with nothing. Serena tells Lily about what she learned, and Lily agrees to pay Ivy one million dollars if she told the police about Carol. As a result, Lily is able to have Carol arrested.

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Logan Barnett wants to find his father's. About This Item We aim to show you accurate product information. Manufacturers, suppliers and others provide what you see here, and we have not verified it. See our disclaimer. Miss Lily's Boarding House - eBook. Customer Reviews. Average rating: 4 out of 5 stars, based on 1 reviews 1 ratings. See all reviews. Write a review.

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Miss Lilys Boarding House (Love Letters) Miss Lilys Boarding House (Love Letters)
Miss Lilys Boarding House (Love Letters) Miss Lilys Boarding House (Love Letters)
Miss Lilys Boarding House (Love Letters) Miss Lilys Boarding House (Love Letters)
Miss Lilys Boarding House (Love Letters) Miss Lilys Boarding House (Love Letters)
Miss Lilys Boarding House (Love Letters) Miss Lilys Boarding House (Love Letters)

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