Love Thine Enemy (Mills & Boon Historical)

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Sign in. Then charming cowboy Nate Northam saves her father's life and gives them shelter at his ranch. Feeling gratitude is only natural, but falling for a Yankee? Both of their families would be outraged.

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While Susanna's father recovers at the Northams' home, Nate can't help being drawn to the sweet Southern beauty… and wishing he were free to think of courtship. That is until shocking revelations compel both Nate and Susanna to choose where their loyalties lie-fettered to the past or to the promise of a bold new love… Four Stones Ranch: Love finds a home out West.

Renee Ryan. Rhonda Gibson. Sherri Shackelford. Cheryl St. Regina Scott. Christine Johnson. Laurie Kingery. Noelle Marchand. Penny Richards. Winnie Griggs. Laura Abbot. Dorothy Clark. Naomi Rawlings. Linda Ford. Angel Moore. Karen Kirst. Keli Gwyn. Judy Duarte.

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Lacy Williams. Allie Pleiter. Lyn Cote. Janet Lee Barton.

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Clari Dees. Louise M. How to write a great review. The review must be at least 50 characters long. The title should be at least 4 characters long. The throw was hard, fast, and accurate. The man slumped forward with a soft grunt. The other guard froze with disbelief as his friend toppled silently over.

He started to turn towards Gifford, automatically raising his musket. Gifford threw his second knife The dark room was full of unfamiliar shapes and shadows. The night air hot and oppressively muggy. His naked body wet with sweat. For two seconds Gifford remained enslaved to the nightmare. Then he leapt from the bed, seizing up his dirk as he did so - and roared his defiance at the demons who haunted his sleep. He'd barely registered that there was carpet beneath his feet - not the wooden deck of the privateer - when the door was flung open. Anthony stood on the threshold, holding a multi-branched candelabrum in one hand, a book in the other.

His dark skin glistened in the candle light but, unlike Gifford, he was naked only to the waist. The August night was so hot and still that Abigail had given up all attempt to sleep. She'd opened her curtains and her window and pulled her chair as close to the casement as possible. She was clad only in a thin muslin nightgown, and she felt very daring letting the night air caress her nearly naked body. If some of the more prudish Bath gossips knew what she was doing, they'd be scandalised by her behaviour. But she'd doused all the candles before opening her drapes, and her room was two floors above street level.

It was hardly likely anyone would notice her at one thirty in the morning.

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The next instant a ferocious shout split the night. Abigail's blood froze. For a few seconds she was transfixed with shock. Then her heart started to pound with fear and excitement.

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She leant forward, trying to locate the source of the cry. A room in the house opposite suddenly lit up.

She blinked and jerked backwards at the unexpected brightness, then gasped as she saw two men facing each other - one holding a candelabrum aloft, the other with a knife in his outstretched hand. Abigail half rose in her chair. She was certain she was about to see murder committed.

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Frantic thoughts hurtled through her mind. Should she call out in the hope of distracting them? Or summon help? Who could help her at this hour? She peered down into the street below, but there was no-one there. She heard one of the men speak, and immediately returned her attention to the room opposite.

She saw that the man with the dagger had let his hand fall to his side.

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She let out a shaky breath. Perhaps the moment of danger had passed. But she couldn't take her eyes off the frightening scene. She gripped the windowsill and strained to hear what they said to each other. The other window was also open to its widest extent and the men's voices carried on the still night air.

He sounded startled, but not afraid. Just a damned dream. He turned to lay the knife down. His action further reassured Abigail. He obviously wasn't planning to commit murder any time soon. Now she had an opportunity to fully register what she'd already subconsciously noticed. The uneven play of candlelight obscured some portions of his anatomy in shadows and threw other parts into bright relief; but Abigail could see quite clearly that he wasn't wearing a stitch of clothing.

He was entirely naked! And as well-formed as a Greek God. She'd seen the strength and tension in his whole body when he'd first confronted his light-bearing friend. He'd eased into a more relaxed stance, but his broad-shouldered frame still emanated virile power. Candlelight delineated the sculptural planes of his hard, muscular body. He was beautiful. Abigail had never seen a completely naked man before. She couldn't tear her eyes away from him. It didn't even occur to her that she should.

Abigail reluctantly turned her attention to him.

He was also a well-made man. He had black skin, but he talked to the white man as an equal. He had a pleasant, well-modulated voice, which currently held a hint of amusement. Abigail was fascinated by the fall of light on his shifting muscles. The hard ridges of his stomach were so unlike her own soft flesh.

She unthinkingly stroked her thigh as she wondered how different his body would feel if she touched it.

Love Thine Enemy (Mills & Boon Historical) Love Thine Enemy (Mills & Boon Historical)
Love Thine Enemy (Mills & Boon Historical) Love Thine Enemy (Mills & Boon Historical)
Love Thine Enemy (Mills & Boon Historical) Love Thine Enemy (Mills & Boon Historical)
Love Thine Enemy (Mills & Boon Historical) Love Thine Enemy (Mills & Boon Historical)
Love Thine Enemy (Mills & Boon Historical) Love Thine Enemy (Mills & Boon Historical)

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