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So it surprised many fans that her new single "ME! We were literally were like, okay, let's say 'Hey, kids! Spelling is fun' because we want everyone to know that this song is not really serious because it's not, like, a serious love song. Related Stories.

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Taylor Swift's "ME! According to Swift, it's all about I think with a pop song you have the ability to get something stuck in people's heads, and I just want it to be a mantra that kind of is much more self-love than what we often times feel, which is self-loathing and insecurity.


Still, we'll take a corny, confidence-boosting bop any day. Lizzo tells it like it is in her music, to her fans, and, most importantly, to herself. So, I wrote a book call. Sometimes this can bring up unexpected emotions, so just breathe into it and know it will all be okay.

It sounds counterintuitive to remember to breathe, but it really is so important.

When you feel yourself getting stressed or anxious, try taking a long inhale in through your nose, and out through your mouth using sound. Let out that long sigh, or a growl, or a hiss, or a shriek. Get it out!

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And then continue to listen to your breath. When you double the length of your exhale, it signals to your body that you are safe and it turns off the fight or flight response. When you start to get a little more relaxed, you can increase your inhale to a count of three and your exhale to a count of six. Even taking a few deep breaths throughout your day can help you relax and find more presence and peace, especially in tough situations. Gratitude is the attitude! Instead of counting all the things that go wrong, count all the way things go right and watch things transform.

Problems turn into opportunities and abundance becomes the name of the game. By focusing on what we have, we get more of that back from the universe, plus it feels good to be grateful! All this means is having a friend or two who you can text when you need a reminder that everything will be okay and that you got this. Try setting up a group text with two of your BFFs who agree to be there for you when you need it most.

I’m Not the New Me

You can also schedule weekly calls with friends or family, or even sign up for online therapy like Talkspace if you feel like you need even more support. The importance of writing things down. Timehop can only help us remember so much! Plus, writing things down feels good and it can help us get things out of our head so we can see the world from a clearer perspective.

Plus, it makes looking back on the year even more fun. Mantras are intentional phrases you say in repetition.

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Though we classically associate mantras with meditation, they can be used anywhere, at any time. Try making up your own mantras based on what you need at the moment. You can write these on paper and tape them on your mirror, then them to yourself each day.

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Or maybe you set your phone alarm for and say them then. Repeat your mantra to yourself at least three times, or whenever you need a reminder of how incredible you are. Switch them up and see what resonates and works best for you. Life is too short and way too uncertain to spend it surrounded by things that drain you.

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So we invite you to focus on things that make you feel loved, fulfilled, and happy! Surrounding yourself with people who fulfill you and not deplete you is vital. So why not try to surround yourself with only these sorts of people and things in the new year?

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When was the last time you made something just for the sake of it? Creativity is healing and making an effort to create more in the new year is sure to infuse with even more magick. Go to the dollar store and get some pipe cleaners and make stuff out of them.

Im Not the New Me Im Not the New Me
Im Not the New Me Im Not the New Me
Im Not the New Me Im Not the New Me
Im Not the New Me Im Not the New Me
Im Not the New Me Im Not the New Me
Im Not the New Me Im Not the New Me
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Im Not the New Me Im Not the New Me

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