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Do they support your purpose, mission and vision? Here comes the fun part. I can if. You need a plan.

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A big one. Divide your life into zones, both personal and professional. Your personal zones may include: family, spouse, home, personal growth, healthy vitality, time management, finances, celebration, contribution, etc. Your professional zones may include: Innovation, maximizing skills, revenue delivery, cost management, strategic planning, personal brand, etc. Planning for the next 12 to 18 months, list the to-dos for each zone, no matter how big or small works best if you do this in a spreadsheet. For each to-do action , list the juicy outcome you desire and the purpose of that outcome.

Give it a due date. It might look something like this:. Sort your completed spreadsheet by due date, then purpose, then outcome. Now it will look something like this:. Congratulations, you now have your Big Plan. No one is perfect out of the gate. Then adapt the plan so you can do them.

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  4. You can learn all about it here. Sign in. Get started. Judy Sims Follow. Strategic Intervention Coach and Consultant. It's Your Turn Follow. Seth Godin's altMBA and Akimbo workshops alumni unofficial publication: stories that transformed us, and inspire you to change. Write the first response.

    Jun 14, Arlene rated it it was amazing Shelves: spiritual. Pema Chodron makes Tibetan Buddhism accessible to the western mind.

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    I found this one particularly relevant and helpful. I find it fascinating that, while westerners, and Christianity in particular, emphasize our shortcomings and original sin, Buddhists emphasize the basic goodness, the soft spot in the human heart. Personally, I find this much more helpful. In order to make a difference in the world, one must learn compassion. And the place to start is with compassion for one's self, and one's sh Pema Chodron makes Tibetan Buddhism accessible to the western mind. And the place to start is with compassion for one's self, and one's shortcomings.

    If we were perfect, compassion would be impossible, since we would be incapable of understanding another's pain and struggles. Rather than dwell on where we have failed this week, instead rejoice in the fact that we recognized it, and stopped it before it escalated further. In tough situations, if we can be fully present, not fight the feelings, but fully experience them, without getting hooked into anger or retaliation, expressing compassion for ourselves, that feeling will spread, and our world may, one small step at a time, become more compassionate.

    View 2 comments. Dec 26, Andrea Luquetta rated it it was amazing. There is no escaping Pema Chondron's simple language. Her voice is beautiful, her tenor compassionate, but her call to mindfulness and staying present is unwavering and pure. May 24, Piat Orendain rated it it was amazing.

    4. Explore your purpose.

    Short but sweet! This book helped me talk about addiction with a friend of mine that is currently trying to quit smoking. In trying to do some research to help my friend out, I also learned a great number of things about myself and how we as a people are addicted to so many things, critical thinking; sugar; beating ourselves up; and all sorts of other really insidious mental traps that spiritually bog us down. What we don't realize is that we allow ourselves to be ruled by these so-called person Short but sweet!

    Getting Unstuck: The Innovation Station’s tracks

    What we don't realize is that we allow ourselves to be ruled by these so-called personal programmings. We get stuck in ourselves because of ourselves. Pema Chodron illustrates the cycle of addiction and suffering through the Buddhist lens, but also makes it accessible to everyone, Buddhist or not. Jul 18, Kirsten rated it it was amazing. Her descriptions of our common nature and common suffering is beautiful. She inspires us to become more present and to stay with our habitual patterns to uncover and move forward on our path.

    I love her insights. Sep 08, Alyssa rated it liked it. It was neat to hear her talk and her personality; learned a few new concepts and things to keep in mind. May 02, Becca rated it it was amazing Shelves: buddhism. One of my favorites of her many books Sep 21, Camia Young rated it it was amazing. A delightful journey into our habitual behaviours often unconscious and reactive and an invitation to develop a wise mind, that is the ability to notice our emotive behaviour and lean into what lies beneath our urges.

    Jun 08, Allison rated it it was amazing. I enjoyed Pema Chodron so much and know I will listen to this again.

    Tony Robbins-HOW TO GET UNSTUCK

    My take away Lovely short teaching on shenpa, getting hooked by thoughts or habitual patterns of behavior. Jul 06, Terri Light rated it it was amazing. Several timely points in this editorial lecture. I am going to look forward to rereading this one occasionally when I need inspiration to unglue myself from bad ruts.

    Another must listen audio book from the great teacher Pema Chodron. Learning to Stay - Introduction 1. The Challenge of Being Present 1. Stop Scratching 1. Ego - The Root of the Problem 1. Exploring the Itch 1. The Open Awareness of Your Mind 1.

    Listening Meditation Practice 1. The Doorway to Liberation 1. The Habit of Distraction - Introduction 1. Recognizing Patterns of Habituation 1. Shenpa - How We Get Hooked 1. Catching Your Shenpa in Action 1. Addictions and Our Fundamental Uneasiness 1. Engaging Shenpa in Meditation 1. Recognizing, Refraining, Relaxing, and Resolving 2.

    Introduction 2. Degrees of Shenpa 2.

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    Using the Breath to Get Unstuck 2. Lightening Things Up 2.

    Getting unstuck at work

    Getting Curious about Your World 2. Making Daily Aspirations 2. The Balance of Gloriousness and Wretchedness 2. Seeing Yourself Clearly 2. Keeping a Bigger Perspective 2. The Tender Heart 3. Introduction - Tools for Liberation 3. How to Uncover Your True Nature 3. Stop Kicking the Wheel 3.

    Melting into Emptiness 3. Teaching Yourself the Dharma 3.

    Free Getting Unstuck Program — GOAL MAGIC

    Relative Practices, Absolute View 3. Encountering the Ineffable 3. Introduction - Taking Your Practice into the World 3. Taking Your Practice into the World 3. Activism without Aggression 3. Delusion vs. Illusion 3. Bowing to Your Thoughts 3. An Aspiration for World Peace All Rights Reserved.

    Website by Brigada and CubeMedia. Categories Complexity Small Moves. What should I write? Should I be reading and researching instead? Will it be a waste of time? Why would anyone want to read that? Wow, is this going to turn into one of those books that should just be a ten-page paper? Simply by talking to someone else who had a different perspective on writing, my mental model was loosened, and I was able to imagine and try out a different way forward.

    In the predictable world, as long as we are expert enough in the content, we can frequently get away with ignoring process. It might not matter if we have poor meeting hygiene or if we filter out or suppress unwanted information, as long as each expert knows enough and has enough data to act. In the unpredictable world of complexity, however, because there are so many interconnected parts and no single one of us can hold all of the available information at once, the process—how we engage with each other, how we talk about things, how we interact with the information we have—is equally as important as the content.

    This is something I teach frequently to my clients, especially in the context of meetings. What I learned today is that the same idea has traction for the way I interact with the writing of a book.

    Getting Unstuck Getting Unstuck
    Getting Unstuck Getting Unstuck
    Getting Unstuck Getting Unstuck
    Getting Unstuck Getting Unstuck
    Getting Unstuck Getting Unstuck
    Getting Unstuck Getting Unstuck
    Getting Unstuck Getting Unstuck
    Getting Unstuck Getting Unstuck

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