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Finally, frustrated by the feebleness of my ability to solve the problem, I changed my approach to my prayers: I opened my heart to listen.

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And an answer came when I least expected it. Show me how this all works. You do a puzzle by keeping your eyes on the big picture. The answer was so clear to me. I had been spending my days staring at the pieces of my life as if they were disjointed puzzle pieces.

I realized that I needed to stop dwelling on the chaos and instead look at my life from a spiritual perspective. Christ Jesus offers a perfect example of how to do this. He was certainly busy: He mentored his disciples; traveled all over, teaching and preaching; had an active healing ministry. The Bible tells of crowds following him and diverting him from his intended destination. It must have been this understanding that allowed him to feel the presence of peace even in the midst of the most chaotic situations.

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The task before me, then, was to gain a clearer understanding of the big picture — of God as my Father-Mother, and of myself as His, Her, loved child — and to refer back to this big-picture view throughout my day, regardless of what came up. One morning, I was up unusually early, practically giddy at feeling so alert and having so much focused time to pray before the day began.

But just then, my son blearily stumbled into the room. The grumbling stopped instantly, and I felt a sense of calm just sweep over me. As I snuggled with my son, we began talking about God and praying together.

The conversation was effortless and holy for both of us. What had initially seemed to be a disruption was actually an opportunity to glimpse true balance: activity that is God-centered and God-inspired, with little to no trace of my own effort or willpower. It was no longer about one piece of my life fitting together or not with another piece. It was simply a beautiful unfoldment of God, divine Love, embracing my son and me completely and meeting our needs. The balance that comes from feeling and living our oneness with God is a possibility for each one of us, in every moment.

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We skip dinner with our spouse in order to finish that next Spanish lesson before class. We feel stressed and guilty as the tough stuff gets tougher and the fun stuff falls away. And that extra hour of sleep? Forget it. Work-life balance is not achievable because our work-life reality has changed. While researching the book Bogus Balance , I found that the phrase was first used in the UK in the s.

It reflected the notion that we have separate life areas, and we need to balance them out. This conjures up the image of one of those old TV dinner trays, one where each life component has its own, neat little place. No messiness. No overlapping. Perhaps this was possible back then. Today, not so much. Thanks to those almighty advancements in technology, most of us are accessible to pretty much anyone, anywhere, at any time.

We do it because we love our businesses, or at least we believe in them enough to invest our lives in them.

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Which makes finding true balance an enormous challenge. So what are we as entrepreneurs to do?

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Are we supposed to just accept our stressed-out, unbalanced fate, knowing that the rest of our lives will be filled with far too many activities and tasks and people? The first thing we need to do is give up on the whole notion of work-life balance. We need to give up on the idea of having it all. Instead, we need to work on having our all. What does this mean, exactly? It means making choices, deciding just what will make up each of our individual life stews.

It means choosing how much of it will involve our businesses, and then being unapologetic about it as we carefully communicate this to our loved ones. Because our businesses are part of life. It means choosing just how much of it will be made up of family and friends, hobbies, self-care. Having our all also means choosing what will not be part of our life stews.

After all, we have a finite amount of time and energy in each day. This means we must choose the things that matter less, the things we will give up or decrease so that we can fully focus on what matters most. Our businesses will be better for it. Our loved ones will be better for it. Our lives will be happier. Entrepreneur Media, Inc.

Finding True Balance Finding True Balance
Finding True Balance Finding True Balance
Finding True Balance Finding True Balance
Finding True Balance Finding True Balance
Finding True Balance Finding True Balance
Finding True Balance Finding True Balance
Finding True Balance Finding True Balance
Finding True Balance Finding True Balance

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