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This is combined with secondary intelligence from sources with deep knowledge of particular companies, industries, markets, countries and regions. Bearstone customises its approach entirely to fit the requirements of our clients. All our clients require actionable intelligence to support their decision-making. Our clients include:. These local contacts speak over 20 languages, and are usually natives of the countries in which they gather information.

Our global reach enables Bearstone to offer unsurpassed private intelligence-gathering capabilities.


In many instances Bearstone is also able to operate in other regions, such as Southeast Asia, or Latin America, where we have an indirect presence via partners in our network. Bearstone assignments are usually conducted following the so-called Intelligence Cycle, which has three main phases: collection, analysis and dissemination.

The initial collection phase involves gathering raw data from various sources such as corporate registries, media databases or the internet, as well as commentary from human sources, and electronic data gathered via surveillance or IT forensics, all collected according to strict protocols and a clear legal mandate. In the final phase, Bearstone delivers intelligence to our client and their advisors, in the form of written reports and verbal briefings by project managers. The measure of our success is the quality of the intelligence that we provide, and the extent to which that intelligence enables clients to make qualified strategic decisions.

Our project managers coordinate the work of our external associates, advisors and investigators with extensive experience in gathering and analysing information, including from fields such as corporate auditing and compliance, investigative journalism, law enforcement, state intelligence, cyber security, and the military. Bearstone , Atheneum in English - 1st ed. April 10, Edited by Jorge Reinaldo Galindo. February 8, Edited by EdwardBot. May 5, Edited by ImportBot. April 28, Edited by Open Library Bot.

October 16, Created by WorkBot. The biologist was born Elizabeth Torsness, and legally changed her entire name to Ursa that's Latin , not Tlingit, for bear, you phony expert Hobbs! Ursa tells Cloyd that she is searching for the last grizzlies in Colorado. Later, she tells Cloyd that her mother had wanted her to "have a bear as a spirit helper" yet another racist stereotype!

Boy, what a disrespectful cracker Will Hobbs is. And worse, Ursa teaches Cloyd a "shaman's song The shaman is singing his oneness with the bear. And worse still, Cloyd actually uses that song later to successfully stop a male grizzly--while the bear is attacking him. Man, Hobbs must want white people to not only "save" "wild" and "vanishing" Indians, but to play Indian and magical Indian, too as well!

Boycott or burn--no, recycle--them. I forgot to mention--I drew attention to Ursa's name being Latin rather than Tlingit. Hobbs neither implied or stated that "Ursa" was a Tlingit word. My emphasis on "Ursa", instead, was because I think a Tlingit person is unlikely to choose a Latin word as a new name over a Tlingit word, even if they is note singular verb a biologist who often uses Latin names for animals. And speaking of animals, the text in Beardance refers to Ursa as "the grizzly woman", like she's a mythological figure or something.

And in the story, after Cloyd and Ursa find two missing bear cubs, the cubs are named "Cocoa and Brownie", almost as if they are pets and not wild animals. Post a Comment.

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I am grateful to her for giving it to me. As readers in children's literature know, Will Hobbs is one of the writers who has written a lot of books with Native content. Though I've got a few pages of notes on his Kokopelli's Flute , I've not yet posted my thoughts on it. Suffice it to say as you'll see when you read Jane's essay , I find it lacking. Desecrations and Desires:.

Bearstone JAracing reklame

Jane Haladay, Ph. The University of North Carolina at Pembroke. January was coming to a close, which meant the stressful holiday season, thankfully, would finally be over.

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This point was driven home to me a few months earlier, when I groggily clicked open the following email as I sipped my morning coffee:. I am an eighth grade English teacher. I am writing in the hope that you might be able to come speak to my students about American Indian myths and folklore, religion and burial practices, etc.

I plan to teach the novel between November 12 and If you can't come, if you know of another member of the department or even a student who might like to speak to my students, please let me know and I will take care of the details here. Thanks for your consdderation [sic]. I looked at my calendar: October Sure enough, Native American Heritage Month was in the wind, the time when many K educators seem to remember Indian peoples for the first and only time during the school year, for better and for worse.

As it turned out, my exchange with after receiving her email proved to fall in the second category. But first, I did two things. Since I had never heard of this book nor its author, I looked up Bearstone on Oyate.

Then I emailed Dr. The descriptions I read on amazon. He can sometime get really mad that he decides to run away [sic]. School has failed and his relatives are failing him. He just in time finds an old man to father him. It is a rough story and the boy who calls himself lone bear because of a blue stone he found in a burial cave of the ancient ones. A story of redemption and friendship that grows to love. Very well written and with mining and hunting, besides horses and ranching.

When Dr. But maybe we could work something else out? I wrote:. Thank you so much for your invitation to visit your class. I have never heard of this book, which doesn't necessarily mean anything there are plenty of books I've never heard of , but after reading a description about it online, I have some questions.

Have you taught this book before? What do you think of it, and how do students respond? As I said, I haven't read the book yet, so this is my initial and admittedly superficial response.

If I visit your class, I might raise some of these issues about the text also in regard to the controversies around writing about sacred objects, burial practices, etc. In other words, I would probably not give a presentation on Native stories and cultural practices detached from the politics of writing about them.

If you're comfortable with that possibility, then let's talk. Her thorough response to my email was the longest in our approximately week-long exchange, and she hoped to convince me, it seemed, of why Hobbs book was a good one for any middle school student:.

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I have taught this book previously and found that the students really connected with Cloyd, the protagonist, as someone of their own age who is searching for identity much as they are. He's a kid with problems like so many other kids have. No one attempts to change him or his cultural beliefs. During the course of the story, he is accepted as he is and given the freedom to explore who he is, make his own choices and mistakes, deal with the consequences of his choices, and learn about the value of love and friendship.

During the study we discuss talismans, which is relative to the title. I focus on the character's growth and the rather significant changes in him from beginning to end. We discuss the relationship between the protagonist and the old man with whom he lives, which becomes one of mutual love and respect by story's end.

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I am not a scholar of Native American literature; I teach kids who struggle with the issues this character struggles with. My concern is that they take away from this novel some hope that they are not alone, that the world is not out to get them, that literature is a place they can go for escape, but also a means for self-examination and understanding. After reading this outpouring of her reasons for teaching Bearstone and her analysis of the text, I wondered a bit why she had contacted me in the first place.

Oh yeah, I realized: to tell her about Ute burial practices and talismans! Things seemed to be going from bad to worse pretty quickly. I made it clear to the teacher that I have great appreciation for the difficulties middle and high school teachers face in finding meaningful literature that students will actually read and respond to.

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Robeson County , where the school is located, is the poorest county in the state and, as the home of the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina , the county also has the highest population of American Indian people in the state. During the school year, this junior high did not make adequate yearly progress in student learning. Unfortunately, Bearstone is not such a novel. Introducing Cloyd, the troubled protagonist of the novel, whom we first meet as he lies his way into an IHS hospital posing as a delivery boy, in hopes of tracking down the Navajo father who abandoned him and his mother when Cloyd was born.

It was more like a shriveled-up mummy attached to a bunch of tubes…. How could this be his father?

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