Avadonya: Rescuing Pavra

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The sex was still fiercely hot and the plot was suspenseful and engrossing.

I was significantly absorbed into the story. Okay,,,,,, Spoiler,,,,,,,,,,,, I was just a bit upset when Gui suddenly starts pulling away from Nathan especially when he was the one who wanted him so badly in the first place.

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I know that he felt as if the relationship was getting in the way of his business, but still, I was frustrated. Afterwards, the story gets even more exciting and my frustration dissipates, yay. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Would like to read more from this series. The characters are well defined and easy to love or hate. Nate may not want a lot of things but it is what it is. Makes for a great storyline. I love the story line, but I need to read book 2.

It's not bad, but it is pretty much straight up porno. For once it was nice to read a description of anal sex that was realistic enough to include lube. I enjoyed reading this book. It was well written the two main characters are very likable even Nadine is likeable.

This is a love story between Nate and Gui and how it came to be. It had everything a good story needs. If you are experiencing problems accessing your Dealer account, please contact Customer Service:. Avadonya: Rescuing Pavra Avadonya 1 by. Terra Lorin, P. Love Goodreads Author 3. A young Beast named Romi wins the youngest captive Pavra in a challenge. Pediatric Cardiologist, Division of Cardiology.

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Avadonya: Rescuing Pavra Avadonya: Rescuing Pavra
Avadonya: Rescuing Pavra Avadonya: Rescuing Pavra
Avadonya: Rescuing Pavra Avadonya: Rescuing Pavra
Avadonya: Rescuing Pavra Avadonya: Rescuing Pavra
Avadonya: Rescuing Pavra Avadonya: Rescuing Pavra
Avadonya: Rescuing Pavra Avadonya: Rescuing Pavra
Avadonya: Rescuing Pavra Avadonya: Rescuing Pavra
Avadonya: Rescuing Pavra Avadonya: Rescuing Pavra
Avadonya: Rescuing Pavra

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